How Does Diabetes Damage Arteries

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Mouse Study Reveals Mechanism Behind Diabetes Blood Vessel Damage

It is well known that diabetes wreaks havoc on the vascular system. In fact, vascular complications arising from diabetes are the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and cardiovascular problems in the U.S. And yet, the physiological mechanisms that link diabetes, which afflicts 26 million Americans, to sickly blood vessels are poorly understood. Researchers have now identified key interactions among two enzymes that may help connect the dots between insulin control and the integrity of blood vessels. The two enzymes work in tandem to regulate the production of nitric oxide, a gas that relaxes blood vessels. The findings, shown in mice, could provide targets for drugs that would be designed to prevent and offset vascular damage. "Sadly, most people with diabetes will die from vascular complications," says Clay Semenkovich of Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine, co-author of the study published January 28 in The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Diabetes contributes to large blood vessel damage associated with common cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart disease, but diabetes also deteriorates small blood vessels found in the eyes, kidneys and aro Continue reading >>

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  1. Dollyrocker

    I've been trying to do some research into this as it's something that has been preying on my mind of late but can't seemt o find any definite answwers. There seem to be a few people on these forums who are T1 and have T1 children and I also know a few families where 2 or more siblings have diabetes.
    Does anyone know the facts and figures on this? What are the chances of passing it on or is it really a 'do all you can while pregnant and hope for the best' type situation?
    I'd love to start a family but I would be devastated if I passed my diabetes onto my child/ren. For me personally I'm the only one in my family that has diabetes, my Mum thinks her cousin may have had it but that's the closest link, I'm an anomily! There's no diabetes in my partner's side either as far as he knows. I know there's a lot worse conditions to have and nobody can give me a definite answer but I'm interested in other peoples experiences/research if there is any!

  2. cugila

    I don't think anybody can answer your question with certainty........it is ongoing research and may not be concluded for another 10 - 15 yrs ! Here is a link to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation which has some information about Type 1 and possible hereditary links:

  3. the_anticarb

    Well i have a form of diabetes which is wholly genetic, passed on by a single, dominant gene. So my kids have a 50% chance of getting it. It's Mody diabetes and according to my consultant is on the increase although at the mo only affects 5% of diabetics. But that's rare. What kind of diabetes have you been diagnosed with?
    There's absolutely nothing I can do to affect whether or not my kids get it or not, as its a single gene with no environmental interaction, they will either get it or not when the sperm meets the egg (although it doesn't manifest til adolescence)

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