How Does Diabetes Cause Nephropathy

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Diabetes And Kidney Damage (nephropathy)

Over time, high blood sugars can cause damage to the kidneys. This is called kidney disease, kidney damage or nephropathy. Your kidneys contain special filters that help clean your blood, remove waste, and control your fluid balance. These filters are called nephrons. Over time, high blood sugar can damage them and cause them to leak protein, called albumin, into your urine. You may experience no symptoms if the damage is minor. However, the extra protein (albumin) can show up on routine blood work conducted by your doctor. Untreated, damage to your kidneys can grow until kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant are necessary. Long-term studies show that achieving your HbA1c targets dramatically lowers your risk for kidney disease.1 The National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Medline Plus center states that kidney damage is more likely to occur if you: Have uncontrolled blood sugar Have high blood pressure Have type 1 diabetes that began before you were 20 years old Have family members who also have diabetes and kidney problems Smoke Are African American, Mexican American, or Native American See your healthcare provider yearly to get tested for any early signs of kidney damage or sign Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    Hi ladies. Ive just been reading up about metformin as I am going to speak to my doctor about prescribing it to me tomorrow. What's the issue with drinking alcohol whilst taking metformin? (Obviously I wouldn't drink if trying to get pregnant) just curious if its a big deal?

  2. TTC8508

    On the actual drug information i received, it states no EXCESSIVE drinking. Which i think is hilarious because whats excessive to me is not necessarily excessive to you. Personally, i can only drink 1 glass of wine or 1 beer while on Metformin. Or else i feel my blood pressure rising, get hot flashes and just start feeling ill. If i know i want to drink, i just skip a pill (happens maybe once a month so not excessive) or try and take it earlier or later, depending on when my booze fest will begin!

  3. ts8810

    Personally metformin just makes me get drunk quicker than I used to when I choose to drink. Pharmacologically speaking drinking while taking metformin increases your chance of developing lactic acidosis, which is a lactic acid build up. Though I would imagine that only occurs if your are drinking excessively multiple nights in a row. I've never had any problem with this and would say if you know you are going to drink don't take your metformin at dinner time as well as plan for the fact that you will get drunk faster than you used to.

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