How Does A Blood Glucose Meter Work?

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Blood Glucose Meter Guide

Tweet Keeping an accurate idea of your blood glucose levels is an integral part of successful diabetes management. Blood glucose meters allow you to do this. Choosing the right meter will depend on the products available to you, the cost of test strips (if you need to buy you our own), NHS prescription availability and the most suitable device for your individual requirements. Some blood glucose meters can also check for the presence of ketones which is useful for people with type 1 diabetes or those who are otherwise susceptible to ketoacidosis. Compare blood glucose meters The following independent blood glucose meter reviews detail the types of blood glucose meters available in the UK, who they are made by, the range of features each meter brings and how to get one. In addition, you can read user reviews or leave your own review. Your healthcare team should be able to advise you on how many times per day you need to check your blood sugar levels. Learn more about the recommended blood glucose level ranges as advised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). You can also read reviews for insulin pumps and CGMs Continue reading >>

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  1. asdf123

    Lower reading after meal

    I am not diabetic but have been monitoring my blood glucose lately since diabetes runs pretty extensively in my family. My fasting glucose is in the normal range as are my before and after meal readings--however, my after meal readings are lower than my before meal readings:
    Fasting: 76-82
    Before meal: 85-93
    After meal: 76-81
    Is it normal for blood glucose to drop lower than the before meal level 2 hours after a meal? I think my body might be releasing a lot of insulin...
    Is this something I should be concerned about?

  2. User2013

    Welcome to Diabetes Daily.
    Congratulations on being so proactive! Your numbers look fantastic. I understand your concerns.
    I think you should continue to monitor your numbers and it at this point it would appear that as long as your numbers don't go lower than 70 all should be well.
    Being diabetes runs so heavy in your family now is a good time to limit carbs, lose weight if necessary and start a consistent exercise program. Education is important and it appears you are right on top of things. Keep up the good work!

  3. furball64801

    Hi and welcome to DD I think your numbers are perfect. You have to realized not only does food affect your blood sugar but so does stress, illness and a few other things even like meds. I would say your numbers are fabulous, because it does run in your family it would be good to test every maybe few months but your numbers look beyond great.

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