How Diabetes Medications Work

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Type 2 Non Insulin Therapies

Pramlintide is an injected medicine for people with diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, Pramlintide can be taken in addition to insulin to help control mealtime blood sugars. If you have type 2 diabetes, and lifestyle changes are not enough to control your blood sugar, typically, your provider will first start you on a single medicine. For people who are overweight, metformin is usually the first medicine prescribed. If the single therapy doesn’t work, additional medicines can be added. Many people require treatment with 2, 3 or more different medicines. If pill combinations don’t work, an injected medicine such as an incretin-based medicine, amylin analog or insulin may be prescribed. Medicine combinations are used because different drugs target different parts of your body’s sugar regulation system. Rarely, and usually due to other medical conditions, it may be necessary to start medical treatment of type 2 diabetes with insulin therapy. Usually, however, insulin therapy is the last treatment prescribed and is added only after the oral medications or non-insulin injections don’t work. There are six types of non-insulin medicines used to treat type 2 diabetes: Incretin based the Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. jusrelaxin

    Sooooo.........Im sick! haha and it sucks and I cant sleep at night and my throat is killing me.I know before having the big D that nyquil and dayquil worked soooo great for me. Now I want to take it now...does anyone know if it has any affect on my blood sugar? high or low.Does anyone have experience? Thanks guys!

  2. AngelKitty

    Hi Amber, sorry to hear you're not feeling well.
    Check your medicine to see if it's sugar free (or has no added sugar on the label).
    You can also get throat lozengers that are sugar free for your sore throat.
    If there's no sugar it should not affect your blood sugar readings. However, being sick can elevate your blood sugars.
    Keep drinking lots of fluids and checking your BGLs every two hours.
    Hope you feel better soon

  3. jillrapp

    I think the gelcaps are sugar free, the liquid does have sugar though

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