How Are Diabetes And Obesity Related

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Will Evolution Eventually Eliminate Obesity As Premature Death From Heart Disease, Diabetes, And Other Obesity-related Diseases Make It Less Likely That The Condition Will Be Able To Be Passed On?

No. As long as civilization persists, specialization will ensure that obesity doesn’t impact reproduction enough to bring about this result. After all, death after child rearing has little affect on evolution. And if civilization collapses? Then the genes that make us fat—the genes evolved in the times of scarcity that preceded civilization—will again be adaptive. There’s a genetic component to these diseases, but they tend to start causing problems at post-reproductive ages. As they don’t hinder or prevent reproduction, other than in some very tangential ways, natural selection is unlikely to weed out these susceptibilities. (Qualification / exception: obesity in early life may limit reproductive success, through illness or through diminution of attractiveness in the eyes of some - not all - potential mates.) Of course not. Even if an obese person dies young in the 50s, he/she would have already had children and thus the evolutionary effect cannot play a role in the later generations. Obesity is present in human beings, because of evolution. Nearly all of the period that the race of Man has been in existence were hard times because food was hard to come by. Those who put Continue reading >>

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  1. Xandri Solomon

    Obesity and diabetes have absolutely no correlation to thumbsucking (And the logic that the thumb in the mouth means people are less likely to eat… or that thumbsuckers are potentially more likely to overeat is just pie in the sky).

  2. George Aquinas

    Absolutely not. I provide you with me as a case study. I’m perfectly sound minded and my thumb never leaves my mouth!

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