Halamang Gamot Para Sa Diabetes

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Medisinang Herbal Na Aprobado Ng Department Of Health: Erbal Gamot, Medicine Traditional Approved

Ang tradisyonal at alternatibong medisina / Ang tradisyonal ug alternatibo nga tambal Ang tradisyonal na medisina ay ginagamit mula pa noong unang mga panahon sa bawat kultura sa buong mundo at parte na ng bawat pag-unlad ng tao sa kanyang pamumuhay. Ang kapanganakan ng tradisyonal na medisina sa Pilipinas ay nakakamanghang pag-aralan na naiimpluwensyahan ng relihiyon, mahika, pamahiin, at marami pang iba. Herbal medicines are found to be effective in managing various medical conditions. Its efficacy has been proven by several clinical trials and research studies. Some patients prefer to go the natural way instead of taking commercially prepared medicines because of less side-effects associated with it. Aside from this, some of these herbal remedies are readily available at home or if not, it can be bought in the market at a very affordable price. Moreover, some of the herbs that are known to have medicinal properties can be grown at home, which are thought to have the best quality and potency. Mayroong naunang mga tradisyonal na medisina o gayuma na ginagamit ng mga hilot, albularyo, mediko at faith healers. Dahil sa malalim na pinagmulan ng tradisyonal na medisina ay tinagurian n Continue reading >>

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  1. Niki83

    Double dose

    I took a 1000mg pill of Metformin around 3 am because I missed my dose earlier. Just checked my blood sugar and it's 210 so I took my morning dose of 1000mg. Is that ok to do? I probably should have asked that before I took it. So confused about this illness. I really need help.

  2. onlymep

    hi Niki - I'm not sure if that is too much for you? the best way to find out is keep testing using your glucometer. The maximum dosage of Metformin daily is 3000mg I was told by my endo and GP... they wouldn't put me on more than that when I was on it. I don't know if docs in other places use a higher dosage? But I'm thinking if you've only taken 2000mg you should be Ok. What was the timeframe between each tablet? Usually anything over 6-8 hours is Ok for most drugs. If you're not sure though it's a good idea to discuss this with your docs. They are the best people to advise you how to take your medication. A pharmacist may also be able to offer some advice too. Make sure you keep quick acting carbs close at hand just in case too (yes, I did have some hypos on Metformin which I know some people haven't experienced). Let us know how you go.

  3. Niki83

    Thank you OnlyMep. You have been such a big help to me.

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