Grilled Cheese Ok For Diabetic

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Is Cheese Safe For People With Diabetes?

Compared with many other foods, cheese is high in fat and calories and may not be an obvious choice for someone with diabetes. Cheese and diabetes can, however, be a healthful combination. Cheese lovers can enjoy a wide variety of cheeses without elevating blood sugar, raising blood pressure, or gaining weight. For diabetes-friendly meals or snacks, people should choose healthful cheeses and serve them with foods that are rich in fiber and low in calories. Can people with diabetes eat cheese? People with diabetes can safely eat cheese as part of a balanced, healthful diet. Just as with other foods, moderation is the key. A diet mainly consisting of cheese is unhealthy for anyone. When selecting cheeses, people with diabetes need to consider a few things: Calories Cheese is very high in calories and fat. Though calorie content varies among cheese varieties, people with diabetes should avoid overindulging in cheese. Type 2 diabetes is linked with obesity, and losing just a few pounds can reduce the risk of diabetes. There are several steps that people with diabetes can take to help them eat cheese without gaining weight: stick to small servings choose lower-calorie cheeses use cheese Continue reading >>

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  1. misty

    What To Eat If You Don't Want To Lose Weight

    I am watching my carbs but have cravings for the usual.......potatoes, pasta, rice, bread and chocolate. Since I'm slim to begin with, always have been, it's harder to choose the right foods. I'm compensating for the calorie loss by eating lots of walnuts, peanut butter, cooking in olive oil and sugar free ice cream (made with Splenda).
    Is anyone else having this problem of not wanting to lose weight? What specific foods are you eating to maintain your weight?

  2. gabby

    Hi, I also am trying to gain weight not lose it.Was on metformin and diamicron but the doc took me off as he thought that was contributing to weight loss.He put me on Lantus and novorapid.I have gained about two pounds in the last month which is better as I was losing two pounds a month before.I eat lots of nuts,yogurt strawberries and sugar free pudding.That is for snacks.Regular meals r usually meat and potatoes and lots of veggies.I cant believe how hard it is to put on weight.Oh well I will just keep munching.

  3. cenandra

    WOW, I've never heard of that being a problem with Diabetes.
    My own experience I was able to lose some weight once I knew I was D, but once they established I had double diabetes and started me on Insulin all weight loss stopped!
    I hope you get your answers, I know my doctors don't have any for me. They just blame the insulin.

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