Gestational Diabetes Test 38 Weeks

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Gtt At 38 Weeks - Is It Even Worth It?

Hi Mumsnetters- jusy got a letter from hospital that my blood sugar was raised last week & they have booked me for the GTT (glucose tolerance test) 10 days before my due date...! Is it even worth going at this stage? By the time I get the results the baby could be born. Am pretty sure I am not diabetic btw- just had a few mince pies last week . Ps Going for the test means hanging round hospital for 2.5 hours with 3y/o There is no point doing the test, and the results are less accurate at that stage anyway. If they are concerned they should check for clinical signs of gestational diabetes but even if you have it, they wouldn't have time to meaningfully start treating it before you give birth. I suggest you ring up and discuss this. Not worth it. My hospital did the same, only at 40 weeks. When I turned up no one could believe they'd booked it so late. As a Midwife said to me, at that point you don't need a gtt, you need a baby! I don't mean to sound harsh but I don't think it's about you at this stage but more about the baby. What if you have got diabetes & the baby goes into hypoglycemic shock after delivery because you couldn't be bothered to take the test? I appreciate it may be Continue reading >>

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  1. keisha88209

    To answer your questions, everyone of us has different circumstances when it comes to PCOS. For me, my periods were very irregular and I have way too much facial hair. (sad face for me) However, I have learned how to manage PCOS by reading everything I can and trying what I belive may work for me. What I will say is that you should track your ovuation at every period. I currently take 500 mg of metformin 3x's a day and I also take myo-inositstol 2x's a day. My periods are becoming more regular and I also ovulate as I should be. I also found a wonderful doctor here where I live (in Chicago) that really knows how to manage what we have. Finding a doctor who can assist you and support you is also going to be very key in assisting you with any questions you may have. I wish you the bset of luck and happy baby thoughts!

  2. Tuhraysee

    I have also started metformin for those same reasons and started a period the same week I started the mess. My OB said it was normal but she said to wait and see for the next one before ovulation tracking.

  3. ampalayaG

    Hi, yes if you take metformin you'll have your period. I've been taking it myself for 5months now. And i think it will be quite difficult for you to track your ovulation it's crazy for us pcos women. But you can try taking your basal temperature every morning for like weeks so at least you'll know when is your highest temperature.

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