Gestational Diabetes Recipes Meal Ideas

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Recipes For Gestational Diabetes - Circle Of Moms

Theresa - posted on 08/27/2009 ( 16 moms have responded ) I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and am looking for recipes to use as part of my gestational diabetes diet. I've seen the dietitian, Fact is these nutritionaists weren't much help. See I have also been diagnosed with a type of gingivitis called trench mouth and I have a yeast infection all at the same time, believe me it is no fun. My problem is that because of the gingivitis I have a hard time eating solids and I need to make sure I am not feeding the yeast infection but I also have to watch my sugar levels, the other thing is that I have always have trouble digesting meat, dairy, and grains or pastas. I have no trouble eating little things throughout the day but it is having the energy to stand long enough to cook since I am 36 weeks pregnant and tired all the time. So while my Fiance is at work from 7 to 4 what can I eat while dealing with gestational diabetes? Your biggest issue is just with hormones. Since its gestational your diabetes is due to pregnancy hormones which are highest in the morning and lessen thru the day. I was diagnosed at 10 weeks, since I have a family member with diabetes. So my bigge Continue reading >>

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  1. Mugwump

    Low body temp---so cold!!!

    I have been hot natured all my life but now I am getting to the point I can't seem to get warm enough. I took my temperature and it was 96.7. I tested and my reading was 63. I ate some M&Ms but I am still freezing. The only new med I'm on is Byetta and I have been on that for 4 months now so I don't think that's it. Does anyone out there experience the same thing? My fingers are so cold I can hardly type.

  2. Stump86

    Have you had your thyroid checked? Hypothyroidism can cause a low body temp.

  3. Tiger Lily

    are you post menopausal?
    that can leave you very temperature sensitive....... summer is too hot, winter is too cold

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Foods For Gestational Diabetes Archives - Gestational Diabetes Information

Gestational diabetes is the form of diabetes that happens during pregnancy. This type of diabetes can be easily tackled by taking a healthy and balanced diet for a long period of time. The diet helps in slowingthe growth of the diabetes and prevents it from turning more complicated during the whole term of pregnancy. This is obviously recommended that the patient or the pregnant lady should consult a doctor before starting any such diet to determine the best diet plan for her and then follow it as required. In this article, I want to discussthe gestational diabetes recipes that you must followand why they make a difference for your meal planning. For any balanced diet, you should eat food from a variety of sources, never stick to one particular kind of food as it may hamper your total nutrition intake. In case of gestational diabetes you need to consume a variety of food, mainly: A great deal of fruits and vegetables as they contain a healthyamount of fiber and vitamins A balanced amount of healthy fats and lean proteins but dont take a lot of saturated fat and oils Dont consume too much amount of food which contains a lot of sugar, such as fruit juices, pastries, soft drinks etc. Continue reading >>

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  1. TriciaS

    Type 3 Diabetes

    this is is taken from the above link.
    Diabetes mellitus 3 is also known as brain diabetes. This is because the brain requires insulin to form new memories. Receptors on the brain’s synapses help facilitate the communication that creates new memories. The insulin produced by the brain wards off amyloid beta-derived diffusible ligands (ADDLs)that destroy those receptors.
    In diabetes mellitus 3, the brain is either doesn’t produce enough insulin for new memory formation or is resistant to the insulin it produces. Without insulin, those insulin receptors die. Without those insulin receptors, the brain can’t form new memories.
    This inability to form new memories is what produces the type 3 diabetes symptoms, signs and difficulties that mimic those of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Sufferers experience the memory loss and confusion that is typical of both diseases. Because of the similarity of these diseases, doctors often have trouble diagnosing diabetes mellitus 3 unless they are specifically looking for it using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning technology.

  2. jwags

    I think there is some early research that shows a high fat ketogenic diet helps alzheimers, especially coconut oil.

  3. furball64801

    I have seen info on this for several years, people thought I was nuts when I posted this.

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Gestational Diabetes Recipes - Indian Diet Recipe For Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes recipes a list of the best recipes that may be suitable for women with gestational diabetes. For safety reasons, please consult your dietitian before you consume any of these foods. Iam also sharing an easy Veg Brown Rice Recipe for gestational diabetics in this post. Gestational diabetes is on an alarming rise in young Indian women, especially residing in the cities. I have been seeing countless number of women suffering from this condition during their pregnancies, some lead to complications and few can manage it very well with their diet. A good friend of mine is diagnosed with Gestational diabetes in her early months of pregnancy and is striving hard to be on a good diet that is gestational diabetic friendly. Tthe main focus is on the protein, as it is crucial for the development of the baby. She visits the dietician monthly to get a sketch of what she can eat. I could not see her suffering with lack of food ideas, as she is a foodie. We failed to find any Indian recipes that were specifically developed for GD. Based on what is considered to be the best for diabetics, I have developed few recipes for her so that she can have a hearty and contented meal dur Continue reading >>

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  1. Emily W(409)

    Help! Gestational Diabetes.

    Hi ladies, hope some of you can help.
    I had my GTT yesterday and the midwife called me today to say I've got GD basically..
    She said my fasting levels were 5.7 which was higher than they would like but she said my second lot of levels after the drink came out at high? She mentioned a 9 or something but said it was high either way..
    I've got to go in on Monday to get that little finger prick machine and the midwife said I would need to monitor for a few days to see what my readings are and go from there..
    I'm a little concerned now. She told me to not eat any cakes, sweets, chocolate etc.. over the weekend but is there anything else I shouldn't be eating at all? Other than sugary drinks and what not..
    Can anyone shed some light on what happens after I've monitored my levels for these 3 days?
    Thank you in advance!

  2. Samantha H(1102)

    Hey Hun i was diagnosed with this a few weeks ago and the diet is alot simpler to follow then you would expect. Basically its a low gi diet so you have to be careful what sugars your getting from carbs aswell. If you google a low gi diet it will explain it in much more detail and give you loads of ideas of what's best to eat. The other thing i would say is don't worry if you still find that its difficult to control your levels ive stuck to the diet perfectly and get loads of exercise and still had to move onto medication and now its much easier to handle. The doctors really support you aswell as the midwifes and dieticians who you will see regularly and they moniter u baby closely which is really reassuring. Hope that helps

  3. kathryn d(52)

    Your story sounds very similar to what happened to me. Mine rose to 9.5 after the glucose drink.
    Here's what happened to me. I went for a meeting at the hospital with some other mums in the same predicament. We had a lecture about healthy eating, were given a booklet to fill in with our finger prick tests and then taught how to test our levels. We then had to do our best for a week...but if we had three high readings we had to phone the nurse for advice. We tested first thing before eating, an hour after breakfast, an hour after dinner and an hour after tea. If the readings were above 7.8, it was classed as a high.
    I managed to keep just under the 7.8 for about 2 weeks, diet controlled, but I started to get more highs. I was being seen by the diabetic nurse fortnightly so she saw that it was getting worse to control so I ended up on metformin tablets. These did the trick and I didn't get another high reading for the rest of my pregnancy.
    Before I tell you about the diet, I just want to warn you that they don't usually let a gd pregnancy get to 40 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks. This is common practice.
    Right, food wise....no sugar in drinks, on cereals etc. no ice cream, no biscuits (only rich tea are allowed), no chocolate, cut down on carbs. My main thing was only one carb per meal eg I love lasagne and chips but you've got carbs in both the pasta and the potatoes so I had to have lasagne without chips. Have three regular meals, plus a snack inbetween to keep your levels steady. Brown bread, limit sauces like brown and red. Thats all I can remember.
    Have a look online, there's loads of good advice. Type in gd pregnancy and diet sheets and you're sure to get stuff. Just make sure you do your best to follow the diet you're given by your Dr......but some gd, like mine, will not respond to dietary changes so be aware that you could do your best and still end up on medication.
    My birth was induced and as I was on metformin, my bloods were tested during labour and as they had dropped low I was hooked up to an insulin drip. You will be classed as high risk so you will have a few people looking after various things as your labour progresses. Once baby arrives, your gd vanishes rapidly. Your baby will have their bloods tested for 12-24 hours to make sure their blood sugar levels are fine. I was back home within 24 hours, all fine. I was told though to supplement breastfeeding with formula to ensure her bloods stayed in range.
    Best of luck. You and baby will be fine, just take all the advice you are given and do your best. Oh, and to stop the finger pricks hurting so much, shake your fingers downwards first then squeeze the tip for about 5 seconds. Stops the pain. Good luck xxxxxx

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