Genetic Determinants Of Diabetes

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Identifying Genetic Determinants Of Diabetes In African Americans

Identifying Genetic Determinants of Diabetes in African Americans Posted on: June 28, 2016 Topics: Type 2 diabetes The global burden of type 2 diabetes is borne disproportionately by people of non-European ancestry, especially African Americans. But those racial and ethnic disparities have received little attention from genetics researchers. Now, a new multi-ethnic study by an international team, led by researchers from the School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital, has found that African Americans and whites share some genetic determinants of Type 2 diabetes, while also carrying some unique genetic loci. The study, published online in the American Journal of Human Genetics , found that about half of gene variants identified in people of European ancestry were shared by African Americans, suggesting that genetic determinants of human glucose regulation are more similar than different across human populations. The study also identified two new genetic variants, bringing to 56 the number of Type 2 diabetes fasting-glucose and fasting-insulin-associated loci. Ching-Ti Liu, a lead author and associate professor of biostatistics, said the study is an important step to Continue reading >>

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  1. SerenityFound

    VERY Quick Eyesight Deterioration

    I was only diagnosed 10 days ago and have been on Metformin since that day (500 mg 2x per day for first 3 days, then up to 1000mg 2x per day since) and have just added in an ACE inhibitor to the regimen.
    But in just the past 3-4 days (as my blood sugar testing shows my b/s dropping nicely to the 130-150 range 2 hrs post meals where it was in the 3-400's before) my vision is going completely haywire. I can't see anything without a blur, close up or far away. Before now I just wore reading glasses for very fine print and if reading for long periods of time. Now I'm having to wear them CONSTANTLY; even my husbands gorgeous face is all blurry.
    This has me scared. Very much so.
    Is it normal as my b/s levels are actually getting down into normal ranges in what could be the first time in a long time? Or is this something I should worry about and call my doc about in the morning? I'm not due to go back to see her for 2 weeks as a follow up to see how I'm progressing.
    Any suggestions? Comments?

  2. Stump86

    Serenity this is totally normal. As your BGs stabilize your vision may get blurry for a while. Happened to me for about a week before it went away completely.

  3. Krisb0701

    some people have bluury vision with unsteady sugar levels especially high ones. I suggest that you go see your eye doctor as soon as possible to get your eyes checked out. Highblood sugars can be, but does not have to be, very damaging to your eyes and cause retinal changes. If it is related to high sugar levels and the effect of blurry vision, once they stable out back towards normal, your vision probally will get better. It sounds like you were used to being high and now your body is trying to adjust to more normal levels. But like I said, the best thing is to get it checked out as I am not an expert. I rather be safe than sorry.

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