Genetic Determinants Of Diabetes

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Genetic Determinants Of Type 2 Diabetes.

Institute of Biology-CNRS 8090, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France. Hyperglycemia of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) results from a complex interplay of genetic and environmental factors that influence a number of intermediate traits (e.g., beta-cell mass, insulin secretion, insulin action, fat distribution, obesity). The primary biochemical events leading to diabetes are still unknown in most cases. Although several monogenic forms of diabetes have been identified, T2DM seems to be a polygenic disorder in the majority of cases. T2DM is probably also multigenic, meaning that many different combinations of gene defects may exist among diabetic patients. Significant results were obtained in the identification of the genetic determinants of monogenic forms of diabetes with young age of onset. However, despite the evidence for a strong genetic background, little of the genetic risk factors for the more-common forms of polygenic T2DM are known to date. The goal of this chapter is to summarize and discuss the significant results of recent literature on the genetics of both the monogenic and polygenic forms of T2DM. Continue reading >>

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  1. TheFitnessLife4ever

    So my upcoming bulker is going to be be 1g of test(t400) for 12-16 wks, possibly some dbol as a kickstart(60mg Ed for 4 weeks), and lastly humulin r slin 5-10 iu post workout for lifting days(4days a week). So I will inject the slin immediately after working out and drink 50-100mg dextrose with 60g whey. Eat a solid meal with brown rice and chicken an hour later, then another meal with more brown rice and chicken. Ill avoid fats on the day i do slin and have a higher fat intake on my off days. I'll carry some gummiebears everywhere I go in case I go hypo. Anything I'm missing? There's still that part of me that worries that shit could happen on it due to the negative rap slin has. I'm looking to gain a good 30-40lbs on this bulk.

  2. thades

    Looks good, humulin R is alittle irritating because it isnt truly out of your system for about 6 hours so you have to be REALLY careful during that time period of you can almost watch the fat start to build up. Would be nice to get humalog instead but I know you need a prescription for it and its harder to come by.
    Just needed to put that disclaimer out there, however it looks like you've done your research and should be good to go. Like you said, always make sure you have simple sugars on you at all times. Yes, if you go hypo you can die, however hypo isn't something that happens instantaneously and your dead...it comes on "relatively" slow and if you know what the symptoms are, you can take the necessary precautions to come back out. Until you know how you are going to react to slin, and began to develop alittle tolerance, I would always try and aim high on your carbs...better safe than sorry.

  3. Dr.Phoenix

    Bro, maybe you can quit Insulin and inject HGH and IGF?
    When somebody says he uses insulin , it always gives me creeps
    1 friend of mine died because of it long years ago
    I am sure you know what you are doing and very careful but ...
    you know that risk always scares me

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