Frutas Malas Para La Prediabetes

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Plan De Alimentacin Para La Diabetes Y Una Alimentacin Sana

Plan de alimentacin para la diabetes y una alimentacin sana Plan de alimentacin para la diabetes y una alimentacin sana Qu es el Plan de alimentacin para la diabetes? Un plan de alimentacin para la diabetes es una gua que le dice qu tipos de alimentos debe comer y en qu cantidad durante las comidas y como bocadillos. Un buen plan de alimentacin debe amoldarse a su horario y hbitos de alimentacin. Algunos recursos para planificar comidas incluyen el Mtodo del plato, contar carbohidratos y el ndice glucmico. El plan adecuado de alimentacin ayuda a controlar mejor su nivel de glucosa en la sangre, presin arterial y colesterol, adems de mantener el peso apropiado. Si debe bajar de peso o mantener su peso actual, su plan de alimentacin puede ayudarlo. Las personas con diabetes deben prestar particular atencin para asegurarse de que exista un equilibrio entre sus alimentos, insulina y medicamentos orales, y ejercicio, para ayudar a controlar su nivel de glucosa. Esto suena como mucho trabajo, pero su mdico o nutricionista puede ayudarlo a crear un plan de alimentacin que sea adecuado para usted. Cuando tome buenas decisiones con respecto a los alimentos mejorar su salud en general e inc Continue reading >>

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  1. Anonymous

    Just found out I have gestational diabetes. I'm at 31 weeks and this time I've had the worst sweet tooth during pregnancy. I'm crushed, due to the risks, the long-term implications, etc, but also because I do not deal well with authority, so being told I can't have something is tough! But since it's for the baby, I'm dealing with it pretty well I think. Anyway, one thing I'm wondering about - do you think a sugar free flavored latte from Starbucks would be just horrendous? I have my nutrition class tomorrow and doctor's apppointment on Friday, but until then, thought I'd check in on other's experiences too. Did you manage the diabetes relatively easily and have a healthy kiddo? Any particular tips that a novice might use? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    The nutritionist will be very helpful. Its actually the carbs that you have to watch too-- not just the sugar. My nutritionist has me counting carbs each day. The key is not to have a whole bunch of sugar hit your bloodstream at once (and carbs convert to sugar when you digest them). Your nutritionist is likely to put you on a diet where you eat small portions of snacks during the day, rather than the typical three meal a day diet. I'm eating a lot of protein (nuts, chicken), cheese (for calcium), and veggies (carrot sticks, etc.) which are low in carbs and low in sugar. As to your latte question, milk actually has some sugar in it naturally (which I didn't know) so my nutritionist told me to have my milk each day spread out in smaller portions (i.e. a couple of 4 oz glasses spread out) rather than downing a pint at lunch which I had been doing. Whatever extra sugar your body does not absorb gets absorbed by baby (which can make the baby bigger and can cause you to put on more weight). Its not been so bad though, and I am told that if your GD is mostly hormonal, you usually go back to normal after birth. I learned a lot meeting with the nutritionist that I think I will use post-pregnancy. I'm really glad that I went. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous

    The PP had a lot of great information, which I second. For your sweet tooth (from which I also suffer!), I'd like to suggest the sugar-free jello pudding packs. They are available in all sorts of flavors, including dark chocolate! Each pack has about 18 or 19 grams of carbs, so I typically eat one as my snack in the evening. (As PP mentioned, you will probably be put on a meal plan so that you are spreading out your carbs throughout the day. My plan for carbs is as follows: breakfast: 30 g ; morning snack: 15-22 g; lunch: 45 g; afternoon snack 15-22 g; dinner 45 g; evening snack: 15-22 g)
    I scrape every last bit of pudding out of the pack!! Hubby, who dosn't have a sweet tooth laughs at me, but he just doesn't know!!
    I also just discovered Soy milk. My mom bought me two flavors to try - cappachino and vanilla. Deeeeee-licious!! Each cup has 4 g, as opposed to the 12 g (?) per cup in the 2% milk I typically drink. The soy milk is flavored with splenda though, which I want to ask my doctor about. Maybe someone else here can speak to consuming sugar substitutes during pregnancy??
    About 4 more weeks until my EDD...can't wait! I look forward to eating unlimited amounts of fruits again!!
    Good luck, OP. It is certainly an adjustment, but for me, hasn't been too bad.

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