Fruits To Avoid In Diabetes Type 2

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Simple Steps To Preventing Diabetes

Table of Contents Simple Steps to Lower Your Risk Introduction If type 2 diabetes was an infectious disease, passed from one person to another, public health officials would say we’re in the midst of an epidemic. This difficult disease, once called adult-onset diabetes, is striking an ever-growing number of adults. Even more alarming, it’s now beginning to show up in teenagers and children. More than 24 million Americans have diabetes; of those, about 6 million don’t know they have the disease. (1) In 2007, diabetes cost the U.S. an estimated $116 billion in excess medical spending, and an additional $58 billion in reduced productivity. (1) If the spread of type 2 diabetes continues at its present rate, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States will increase from about 16 million in 2005 to 48 million in 2050. (2) Worldwide, the number of adults with diabetes will rise from 285 million in 2010 to 439 million in the year 2030. (3) The problems behind the numbers are even more alarming. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure among adults. It causes mild to severe nerve damage that, coupled with diabetes-related circulation problems Continue reading >>

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  1. KVL

    Gabapentin - Does gabapenten lower your blood sugar?

    Although I'm finding Gabapenten very good for neck pain, I am steadily losing wieght and experiencing low blood sugar symptoms. Is there anybody who is having the same reaction? I am loathed to give it up.

  2. kathyhanson

    Postmarketing research of gabapentin has shown fluctuation of blood glucose levels. Ask your doctor to evaluate your blood glucose levels for hypoglycemia. He/she might want to adjust your dose of gabapentin, or send you to a dietician to establish a special diet to control the low blood sugar if your glucose is not dropping too severely.

  3. johnw489

    Strange I am having the opposite as a side effect. I was diagnosed last year with 2. My Doctor started treating me with a small dose as my diabetes is caused mainly from my poor diet. I used to have a weekly average of 160-190 and a few weeks back about the time I began gabapentin it is 261-300. Just saying.

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