Fruits For Diabetic Pregnant Patients

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5 Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is thought to affect 18 out of every 100 women and can cause serious problems in a pregnancy week by week, along with complications during delivery. Pregnancy diabetes can develop when the sugar levels in your blood begin to rise, and your cells become more resistant to absorbing insulin. While the extra sugar is necessary to produce enough nutrients for your baby’s healthy development, when it cannot be absorbed into your cells, it can cause your glucose levels to rise dangerously. If you are pregnant and worried about developing gestational diabetes, there are some healthy ways you can lower your risk. Pregnant women are often told to eat plenty of fresh fruits, and in most cases this is an excellent way to ensure you and your baby are getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy. When gestational diabetes occurs, it is important to limit your sugar intake, and this includes cutting back on how much fruit you eat during the day. Most fruits are high in natural sugar, which is generally easier for your cells to absorb, but when you are suffering from gestational diabetes, the glucose simply builds up in your blood stream, which can result in serious health Continue reading >>

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  1. eastcoastphil

    Bad Headaches

    Hi all, a question for you please ...
    I am a newbie on Metformin since Friday last week, and I've noticed that I seem to have frequent headaches which never normally suffer from, in fact I've got a belter right now and feeling pretty sick with it.
    Wondered if any of you had this when you started taking your meds?

  2. Andy12345


  3. zand

    I am new to Metformin too, ( 3 weeks) and I'm sorry I can't really help you because I havn't had any problems with it at all. I did have diarrhoea one day, but I put that down to the fact that I had been taking a magnesium supplement for cramps, and that I no longer needed the supplement which was why it caused the diarrhoea. No headaches though. I am really making this post to bump you back onto page 1 again

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