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Metformin Reduces All Cause Mortality And May Extend Lifespan

Metformin reduces all cause mortality and may extend lifespan There is a community of self-experimenters who are taking the drug Metformin, not because they are diabetic or prediabetic, the FDA-approved reasons for prescribing the drug, but rather because they believe it probably has an impact in promoting general health and retarding aging( ref ). In fact, it is probably the pharmaceutical most used for this purpose. The purpose of this blog entry is to discuss Metformin as it has been shown to reduce all cause mortality in various studies, and discuss its understood mechanisms of operation. This blog entry is Part 2 of interventions that reduce all cause mortality. The first blog entry in this series, which was also Part 4 of the inflammation series. Was concerned with PCSK9 inhibition. Metformin is a traditional and inexpensive drug that is the first line of treatment for people with Type 2 Diabetes or prediabetic conditions. It is a drug that has been extensively studied, both with respect to the impacts of using it and as to the molecular mechanisms of its operations. Image source Metformin originates from the French lilac or goats rue (Galega officinalis), a plant used in fo Continue reading >>

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  1. Swarmii

    Metformin vs Goat's Rue - or maybe not - can we have it BOTH ways?

    Hi all,
    There's a lot that has been posted about Metformin (here recently). It is the only Drug I am taking at this time, and while I would like to have bragging rights to being "100% drug free" (again) - I'm also thinking that my low (1500mg / day) dosage is "ok" at least as long as I still have some "serious" pounds to lose (maybe 20 now?). Baseline thinking is something like this: for whatever exercise level I can actually sustain I can lose more pounds quicker with than without - therefore somehow the trade-off of known risk of some remaining overweightness vs unknown risks of side-effects are pretty blurry at this point
    While I am nominally "anti-drug" and my Doctor is nominally "a pill pusher" we have reversed roles now with him suggesting I go off of Metformin and me saying "well, I'll try reducing - and I did successfully from 2,000 to 1,500)
    Then tonight, just now after reading some other postings here involving "drug free" and Metformin it came back to me that Metformin was first a extract from the French Lilac (or so I remember) - so I did a "google" on "Natural Metformin" and have found all sorts of interesting links!
    There's something called Goat's Rue that seems economical (insurance won't cover of course) - so cheaper can mean more out of pocket...
    My question then, is if anybody is taking a Natural Supplement (such as Goat's Rue) in place of Metformin and if they care to elaborate on the difference.
    BTW, everything considered, I think of Metformin as the "Aspirin of Diabetes" - its tried and true for what it does and even seems to have some other overall good effects - but it is also, technically "a drug" - I don't think otherwise, as I'm sure it is being manufactured totally synthetically.
    Anybody have some thoughts and opinions on this?
    Here are a few links:

  2. Lynnw

    I've tried Goats Rue, but it didn't do anything for me. Metformin is dirt cheap; much cheaper than any supplement I've taken, and it's somewhat standardized (different generics vary a bit). If you are interested in Metformin alternatives, check out Berberine. I took Glycosolve (Berberine) for several months, but it, too, did nothing for me, and cost a lot more than Metformin. But my body is weird and unresponsive to most things I've taken, so they might work for you.

  3. Swarmii

    The thing about drugs is that they are "pure" - for better or for worse. Supplements are really, usually, a "slurry" of phytochemicals - and they change with season, with soil, and who knows what when the supply chain involves pickers, and traders, and all. I have read stories of gasoline being used to make the roots look fresh. Its a "jungle" out there
    With my situation, I guess, everything considered, some 750mg twice a day with food isn't too much for the apparent benefits such as they seem to be - some extra weight loss. The weight loss is changing my life for the better in a major way.

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