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About Awareness Wristbands

Everything You Need to Know About Awareness Wristbands Awareness wristbands are elastic bracelets used by various groups to promote their causes. These are made from silicone rubber, are cost-effective to produce, and customizable. They can be dyed with different colors and made to carry different slogans or logos. Its also popular among companies and non-profit organizations as souvenirs, especially for campaigns that last for weeks or months. Indeed, people have used them to show support for advocacies like fund-raisers for cancer research, or as custom-made giveaways for events . This led to them being known as awareness bracelets, as a means to differentiate them from the ones used for commercial or corporate purposes. Silicone rubber is highly inert and doesnt react with chemicals. Not only that, its also shown to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. This makes it compatible for use in a lot of products, including medical implants and cooking materials. Unlike organic rubber, the silicone variant lasts longer as a material for these bracelets. The composition also makes it suitable for use over long periods thanks to its tear, water, and heat-resistant properties. This is why it Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Swaminathan

    Can Pre-diabetics also have a bitter taste in the mouth...

    Ouch, I dont know whether my query above was grammatically correct, but here goes.
    I am from India, pre-diabetic, last hb1ac test showed me as a 6. The Diabetes doc said I dont need medication. Now after a month I checked myself and I had a fasting sugar value that was pretty normal.
    Question - It was a festival today and I gorged on sweets after a long time. Suddenly, I developed this bitter taste in my mouth a coupla hours ago and it just doesnt go off. Its like on the inner roof of my mouth, this bitter taste and also at the back of my tongue. Meaning it seeps in once I begin eating something ( even if its sweet, it tastes bitter).
    Now, does it mean I have become a diabetic - will go to the doc for an out of turn sugar test.
    But are there others who have had the same experience in their prediab days.
    Chennai (Madras city)

  2. User2013

    I don't think what you are experiencing means you have become diabetic. If you have eaten a lot of sweets which you said you did and you hadn't been eating them it very well could be coming from your taste buds. Have you tried brushing your teeth or using a mouth wash? See if it makes a difference.

  3. furball64801

    I would agree with Dusty if I had eaten a lot of sweets I would have some weird things in my mouth too.

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Awareness Bracelets | Cancer Bracelets | Cause & Promotional Livestrong Yellow Bands

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Popular Questions

  1. Dragonfly

    New Type 1 - Meal replacement shakes?

    Diagnosed 1/2/09 at 31 - Still working on diet plan and insulin levels. Nothing is textbook. Anyone ever look into meal replacement shakes?I'm looking for more protein for breakfest.

  2. Mary J

    Originally Posted by Dragonfly
    Diagnosed 1/2/09 at 31 - Still working on diet plan and insulin levels. Nothing is textbook. Anyone ever look into meal replacement shakes?I'm looking for more protein for breakfest. I drink an Atkins shake every morning on the way to work. They're either 1 or 2 Net Carbs per shake, so I don't have to bolus for anything. I just don't like eating breakfast. Then on my morning break at work, I'll have oatmeal or something with carbs. The Atkins shakes are really good IMO, and I get them at Target for about $1/shake.

  3. Dragonfly

    I was thinking of using it as my breakfast. There was one I saw, Myoplex lite that has about 15g carbs and 20 g protein. I was thinking of that and a banana. I would be around 35g carbs. My meal average is 35 - 45g.

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Popular Questions

  1. cowgirlace

    @BeccaBee83: Honestly, I wouldn’t worry *that* much about it, because getting your sugars too low is way more of a problem than them being a little too high. If you were to add more insulin, you run the risk of getting hypoglycemic in the middle of the night, which is not good. Definitely stick to what your doctors recommended. One thing you could try is a little more exercise, as exercise will help to re-model the cells that have become insulin resistant (but once again, don’t over-do it because you don’t want to get hypoglycemic).

  2. RunnerBride13

    Another suggestion for exercise. My FI is a type 1 diabetic and exercise makes a huge difference in his A1C and BG numbers. Good luck!

  3. BeccaBee83

    Post # 8
    205 posts
    Helper bee

    Wedding: December 2012
    Wow! What an overwhelming response! Thank you all so much for your thoughtful replies.
    I keep trying to remind myself not to obsess about these numbers, because really they are in a good range. Being a little too high is better than being a LOT too high or even worse like you said, way too low.
    As for exercise, I’ve been exercising 30 minutes every day, as suggested by the diabetes counselor. I’m also counting my carb intake for each meal and then totalling them for the entire day. As a general rule I’m supposed to do 15 carbs per snack, 30-45 per meal and not to exceed 175 carbs per day. I’ve been sticking to this diet and exercise regime and I’ve actually lost 12 lbs. since the beginning of my pregnancy. My doctor isn’t too considered as long as the baby is measuring okay and I’m eating enough. In the beginning I wasn’t eating nearly enough (probably due to morning sickness), but now I’m doing much better. I’m trying to keep everything I eat healthy, though I admit that my cravings do make me slip up once in a while.
    It’s so hard and frustrating to watch other pregnant ladies stuff whatever/whenever they want in their face, while I have to be counting carbs and pricking my finger several times throughout the day. I suppose it’s helping me to lose weight, which could be a blessing. Maybe it’ll make it that much easier to lose the weight after delivery? After nine months of eating healthy and carefully, I am hoping that it’ll be a lifestyle change rather than something I did while I was pregnant!!!
    Fasting numbers are SO hard to control. Sometimes I’m down to 81 and then other days I’m at 112. I don’t understand the rhyme or reason to it. In the beginning I used to think that the longer I waited, the lower my numbers would be, but then I soon realize the opposite happened. My liver started doing a glucose “dump” (as my diabetes counselor calls it) and my numbers were higher.
    Last night I tried a small bowl of cereal with milk before bed. Then I woke up around 5am (had to pee – surprise, surprise! haha) and decided to test my blood sugar for the heck of it. I was shocked to see 78 as my number!!!!!! WAHHOOOOO! Finally I did something right!!!
    I don’t know if it was because of the “snack” choice before bed last night or if it was because I tested my fasting blood sugar after 8 hours instead of the normal 11-12 hours that I usually wait. Maybe I shouldn’t be testing my fasting so long afterwards?
    I used to eat dinner at 6pm, then I wouldn’t have anything until the next morning after I woke up. I would test my fasting blood sugar around 7am when I woke up and then have breakfast. Perhaps I was waiting too long to test my fasting numbers???
    Also, when I exercise before bed it makes my numbers skyrocket – the doctor and diabetes counselor advised against that one in my particular case. Instead they want me to do 10 minutes of light exercise throughout the day, which really seems to be helping my daytime numbers, which they say are perfect!
    It really does help to hear that I’m not alone in this, because all I see around me is my pregnant friends/relatives who can eat as much of whatever they want and it’s really frustrating. I get so upset that I have to do injections every night and prick my fingers multiple times every day. I just wish I could be normal.
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    0) Reply

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