Foods That Raise Blood Sugar The Most

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7 Foods That Spike Blood Sugar

1 / 8 7 Foods That Spike Blood Sugar If you have type 2 diabetes, you know about the importance of making healthy mealtime choices. But just as important is staying away from the wrong foods — those that can spike your blood sugar. That's because simple carbohydrates, like white bread and sugary soda, are broken down by the body into sugar, which then enters the bloodstream. Even if you don't have diabetes, these foods can lead to insulin resistance, which means your body's cells don't respond normally to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Here are seven foods you should avoid for better blood sugar control. Continue reading >>

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  1. kitkat1

    Does anyone take metformin ER twice a day???

    a couple years ago i took metformin ER twice a day, 1000 morning and 1000 evening. My doctor took me off it because my hba1c was doing so good and now it is not doing so good obviously as i told him so now he let me go back on it. I'm having a hard time with it this time around though. I had no problem before but now i do. i just now only last night made it up to the 1000 mgs but my goal again is to get back up to the 1000 twice a day but others here are saying that you cant do that so i just wondered if others do take it twice a day. The life of it is only up to 12 hours not 24 like they want you to think. Even my pharmacist says it is ok to take twice a day and lot of people do. it may take me a while at this rate to get there again but i'm determined. My main problem with it is some reflux even with the ER version but i'm going to stick it out and hope it resolves soon. So please let me know if you also take the ER version twice a day alone because i do not want to feel alone.

  2. walkerwally1

    I have been taking Metformin for 21 years and have always taken it at 1000mg twice a day. This was my original instructions and I have never changed. I take regular Met. and have been fortunate to not have any problems with it.

  3. Shanny

    What is your food plan, kitkat? Since being on LCHF along with regular metformin b.i.d., all of my reflux and other gastic trouble has disappeared completely. It's likely dietary carbohydrate contributing to your reflux. As I understand it, metformin is more likely to cause diarrhea than reflux, and furthermore, met works much better with a low-carb way-of-eating. It isn't formulated to work with moderate or high carb diets.

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