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Sneezes And Wheezes: Seasonal Allergies And Diabetes

Spring is really starting to burst out here in Massachusetts. The tulips are blooming and leaves and buds are popping out on the trees. As pretty and welcoming as this is, many of you (about 50 million!) are probably bracing yourself for all of the pollen that is soon to follow, and suffering through the misery that it can bring. Thanks to the mild winter that we had in the Northeast, plants are pollinating earlier than usual. As if that weren’t bad enough, having seasonal allergies can also affect your blood sugar control. Seasonal allergies: do you have them? Seasonal allergies are sometimes called hay fever or, more technically, seasonal allergic rhinitis. You might be wondering if your symptoms are due to a cold, flu, or allergies. While there can be some overlap, the following symptoms are usually indicative of allergies: • Itchy eyes • Watery eyes • Dark circles under the eyes • Sneezing • Runny nose • Stuffy nose • Sore throat You might also feel a little bit tired. You won’t get a fever from allergies, however. These symptoms can linger for weeks unless they’re treated. Treating allergies There are a number of remedies for seasonal allergies, including o Continue reading >>

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  1. KaelynsMom

    Kaelyn saw her Pedi yesterday for her annual check-up. Doctor is starting her on Flonase for her allergies that are causing hearing issues (no advice on how to get her to LET ME administer it ). He said it should not cause any issues because it's not an oral steroid but I wanted to check with the experts....
    Any BG issues with Flonase use?

  2. angieh

    No - but Will has a Flonase script too (which he refuses to use), and the Allergist also told me that the Flonase is more of a topical med so it should not interfere with BG.

  3. MommyAngela

    David (my husband) has been on Flonase for years and while they say it is more of a topical thing, I don't entirely believe it. When he is on it, his food allergy reactions actually decrease. He is highly allergic to almost all trees, tree fruits and tree nuts, but when he is on Flonase, he can actually tolerate a small amount of almonds. Without it, his throat and mouth swells up and he has trouble breathing. To me, that says that the Flonase goes systemic.
    I would definitely watch for a change in her BGs in the first few days. Maybe not a lot, but it might cause just a slight need for more basal overall?

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