Fast Acting Carbs For Diabetes

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Fast-acting Carbohydrates To Treat Hypoglycemia

Fast-acting carbohydrates are mainly something you hear about in relation to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, occurs when blood sugar levels go below 70 mg/dL. In the 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, the American Diabetes Association defines clinically significant hypoglycemia as blood sugar less than 54 mg/dL. It is important to treat this condition promptly and carefully and aim to prevent recurrence. Over treating hypoglycemia can start a cycle of highs and lows that make it difficult to regain control. What Are the Symptoms Hypoglycemia? Symptoms of low blood sugar include but are not limited to, shakiness, anxiety, irritability, headaches, sweating, heart palpitations, hunger and tiredness. In the instance of severe hypoglycemia, people can lose consciousness in which case they need to be administered glucagon to get blood sugar back to normal. Because everyone has different reactions to hypoglycemia, it's important to understand which symptoms you experience so you can recognize and treat hypoglycemia when it happens. In addition, being able to detect when you experience hypoglycemia, for example, after an exercise session will help you prevent futur Continue reading >>

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  1. leana1967

    Low Blood Sugar And What Not To Eat OR Drink TO Brig It Back Up Fast

    I am looking for advise on this: my husband had a low sugar reading this am i let him have a tablespoon of peanut butter and a little of our tea with real sugar 68 within 15 minutes i had it up to 74 his normal target range is 80 to 150 and we live in an assisted living facility because of special needs. he was seen drinking the tea by the Staff , they stated he needs to be drinking water to get his sugar up not tea, and to keep from getting dehydrated I agree about the dehydration… but i'm upset because i have been raised around diabetics all my life ; and this is a first for me being told you drink water to bring sugar back up I told them no he could not have water because that would drop it down more, so am i doing wrong all my life i have been told peanut butter or any thing with sugar but I ave never heard that for raising sugar to lower sugar yes but to raise it whats right and what do we not need to eat or drink when your sugar is low ( now they have me concerned and confused ) please advise and or suggest

  2. Gabby

    Here is a great discussion on what you should do for a low. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/diabetes-discussions/general/16969-15-15-rule-do-you-know-it
    As many have said, water doesn't raise your levels. You are right, so trust what you know. If you want to raise it quick, just use about 15 grams of a fast acting carb like OJ or sugar or glucose tablets. Then once it's going up, you can add the peanut butter or some regular food items to help keep it up and stop the rapid rise.

  3. O'Karen

    I have a problem with my sugar level dropping because I forget to eat… I just don't feel hungry often. I will suck on a lifesaver mint or a hard candy and it will bring it up fine. My daughter complains, but it works for me!

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