Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes

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WARNING SIGNS: IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS YOU MAY HAVE DIABETES;Early Diabetes Signs and Symptoms Thanks For Watching This Video: WARNING SIGNS: IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS YOU MAY HAVE DIABETES;Early Diabetes Signs and Symptoms : https://youtu.be/Jyc6DdonkAM Don't forget to Subscribe for updates: https://goo.gl/WqO5fo Very often the symptoms of diabetes are subtle, sometimes even imperceptible. All people should be aware that if is left untreated, diabetes can have serious health consequences. So, in case you recognize any of these symptoms it is necessary to consult a doctor. According to experts, regular control is the only way to have this disease under control. Also, the early detection is the only way to healing. Diabetes is an insidious disease that shows no signs, and once the symptoms are visible, the disease is already at an advanced stage. This illness is a result of complications in the brain blood vessels and nerves and can quickly lead to serious condition or death. By Regular Health Check you can detect diabetes at the time and the patient subjected will therapy tablets or insulin therapy. Particular attention should be paid to go on a more frequent checks if a family

Be Aware Of The Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes And Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is known as a silent killer because it’s very hard to recognize the symptoms and may easily be confused with other diseases. The WHO(World Health Organization) confirms that about 400 million people around the world suffer from this nasty disease. If you identify diabetes symptoms at an early stage, you have a great chance to stop many grave complications that happen if the disease progresses undetected. It is possible to live a quality life despite having diabetes if you take prescribed medication on a regular basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Urinating Frequently If you suffer from diabetes, your body is not able to transport and use glucose you take into your body. The final result of this problem is raised blood sugar. Your body fights to lower the level of your blood sugar so it literally flushes the sugar into your urine and this way forces it to go out of your body. Thirst Is Increased Logically, frequent urination leads to losing fluids. That’s why drinking loads of liquids and constantly feel thirsty can be a symptom of diabetes. If you consume drinks containing too much sugar, your blood sugar becomes raised. This is followed by frequent urination which Continue reading >>

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  1. Amy Anderson

    , T1D for Life! As if I had a choice...

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Prevention isbetter than cure. This simple rule applies toany disease and isespecially valuable when symptoms are not properly acknowledged. Here are some crucial symptoms that might occur one month oreven earlier before aheart attack. You dont need tobecome atotal hypochondriac, but abit ofhealth awareness never hurt anybody. DISCLAIMER: The materials and the information contained on Natural ways channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provide.

13 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore!

13 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore! Type 2 diabetes is a very common, modern-age disease, but luckily there are signs that can warn you to be careful. In the beginning there are just a few symptoms, which can easily be overlooked. Diabetes is a serious condition that can be the cause of many dangerous complications, such as cardiovascular and neurological damage, so it is important to detect it as soon as possible. It is very important to be aware of the early warning signs of diabetes, so you can be able to protect your health. Warning Signs of Diabetes In 2013, there were over 382 million people around the world who had diabetes, and even 90% of them had type 2 diabetes. To be able to treat this condition you need to be aware of the warning these 13 warning signs: Frequent urination (polyuria) If you need to urinate more often, and you even wake up during the night to empty your bladder, it could be a warning sign. Your kidneys have to work harder to get rid of the excess glucose from your blood. Excessive thirst (polydipsia) This symptom is connected to the previous one, because you lose more fluids, your body will try to replenish them. This leads to a co Continue reading >>

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  1. blondeone08

    Insatiable Itch?

    Just curious. Do you have diabetes also, or any other chronic illness, or is the itch your only "chronic condition"? Just wondering if it could be related to a medical condition.
    I know what you mean about that deep, deep itch that you just can't satisfy. When I get that sensation, it is usually in a finger, or toe, or bottom of my foot, where NOTHING can get to it. It is obviously NOT from an outside source. That kind of itch has to be related to some kind of nerve issue. The nerve, or the the brain, is misinterpreting something, or misfiring. Why this happens, I don't know. But, it leads me to think there is something else going on that makes this a secondary symptom.
    My son has Type 1 diabetes (as does Felicia who started this post) and neurological disorders, particularly peripheral neuropathy, are not uncommon for diabetics. I am not diabetic, but I have hydrocephalus which is water trapped in the brain putting pressure on certain areas of the brain, which can cause at times, all kinds of weird neurological issues. So, that could be the cause of my occasional deep itch.
    I don't know that I can give you an answer that can help you. I know you don't feel you can go to the doctor over this, but perhaps at a time when you MUST go to the doctor for some other more serious illness, you can mention this and how long it has been going on (pointing out that you've scratched it to the point of calluses). It could be caused by a more serious underlying problem.

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10 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes That You Don’t Know But Should

Right now, without even realizing it, your body could be sending you warnings signs of diabetes. Current statistics show that a staggering 1 in 3 people who actually have this disease aren’t even aware they do (1). In 2012 alone, the American Diabetes Association revealed that 29.1 million Americans—9.3 % of the population—had diabetes. What’s more, 1.4 million more people will be diagnosed with the disease every year (2). And according to experts, these numbers are likely conservative given the fact that far too many people are simply not aware of the symptoms or choose to ignore them, brushing them off as minor health problems—sometimes for months and even years. But diabetes is anything but minor and early diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between living a long healthy life and suffering from severe complications and health issues, or even early death. According to the latest statistics, approximately 86 million Americans over the age of 20 have what is known as prediabetes, a condition characterized by higher than normal blood glucose levels (having a fasting plasma blood glucose level in the 100-125 mg/dl range) (3). While these levels are not yet high Continue reading >>

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  1. Lesley_J

    I'm brand new to this website and what an informative website it is.
    To give you an idea of my background, I have suffered from non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy since August 2011.
    I was prescribed Gapapentin, which did not have any effect. I am now on Zydol and at last am leading an almost normal life practically free from pain.
    I would love to talk to anybody else who might suffer from this horrible problem.

    Thank you, Lesley_J

  2. katieoxo60

    Hi, welcome to the site. the drug Gabapentin seems to be prescribed for alsorts these days. Its an anti epilectic drug. I was prescribed it for a persistant cough, when I questioned this my GP said it was good for nerve pains, but my pain is arthritic. Glad you have now been given a different drug and it works. Sorry I don't have your illness, it was just the drug prescribed was the same. Hope you find someone with like illness soon to chat to

  3. Doolittle

    Hi Lesley,
    Really not sure what's wrong with me...but I have nerve pain...that's for sure....had so many tests.....they still don't know! I have been on so many drugs too. If you want to chat then I'm here.


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