Dog Diabetes Symptoms

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Managing Diabetes In Dogs

Dogs can have diabetes just like humans - both Type 1 and Type 2. Diabetic dogs are increasingly common, but the disease is entirely manageable unless left untreated. MY DOG HAS DIABETES: OVERVIEW 1. If your dog shows symptoms of diabetes (described below), seek veterinary care at once. 2. Work with your vet to determine the right type of insulin and the right dose for your individual dog. 3. Take your dog for frequent veterinary checkups. 4. Learn how to give insulin injections and reward your dog for accepting them. 5. Consistently feed your diabetic dog the same type of food at the same time of day. 6. Report any unusual symptoms or reactions to your vet. For years public health officials have reported a diabetes epidemic among America’s children and adults. At the same time, the rate of canine diabetes in America has more than tripled since 1970, so that today it affects about 1 in every 160 dogs. But while many human cases are caused and can be treated by diet, for dogs, diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires careful blood sugar monitoring and daily insulin injections. The medical term for the illness is diabetes mellitus (mellitus is a Latin term that means “honey Continue reading >>

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  1. ravenmoon33

    At home A1C tests...Are they worth the cost?

    I have recently been considering purchasing an at home A1C test kit. My last (and only) A1C test was at the doctor's office the day I was diagnosed (April of 2011) and it was 10.6 (which is bad I know). I have since gotten my bg under control and would like to know what my new number is but my doctor is waiting until August to check again. Is the at home A1C test accurate? And if so is it worth the money to buy the test and take at home since it has been 3 months since my last test?

  2. MAYS

    The test are accurate but you should wait until you are tested by your doctor.
    The reason being that if you test your own A1C now and then again in August you may not see a marginal improvement due to the shortness of time between them.
    This discussion may interest you:

  3. Harlen

    Will your Doc take the test as is or will they order a A1c a0s well
    or do you just wish to know what youe A1c is ?
    If its just for you go for it
    If your 0Doc is going to 0o0rder one0 anyway then I would not
    Best wishes

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