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Why Did My Dog Pass Away After Her Insulin Was Changed?

Next on The Scoop: Harnessing Homeopathy to Cure Kennel Cough in Dogs Why Did my Dog Pass Away After Her Insulin Was Changed? Dear Dr. Barchas, My 10 - 12 year old Bichon was diagnosed with diabetes in October, 2008. It took about a month of adjustments to... Lifestyle Lets Meet 5 Dogs With Long Ears My 10 12 year old Bichon was diagnosed with diabetes in October, 2008. It took about a month of adjustments to diet and insulin dose, but when it got smooth, it was very smooth. The insulin was Vetsulin. Last month, Daisys sugar was running high, 396 at the highest, and I attributed it to her mining cherries from under the tree, and the vet agreed and asked her to retest in about a month. I had to buy insulin, and they told me Vetsulin had had a quality control problem, and sold me humulin. Daisy started her new insulin on Sunday, a week ago. The frequency and dosage remained the same, 2x per day, and 3.5 marks on the syringe. The new syringes were different, and the marks were closer. Daisy began to have episodes of confusion mid week, and acted as if her hearing had diminished. Late Friday, Daisy was faint, and I got her to eat, and she seemed to recover. After she ate her dinner, I Continue reading >>

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  1. pottydotty

    Charlie is over 14.5 years old. Jack Russell dog. Diabetic, gets insulin jab twice a day. Cataracts in both eyse and is blind. Generally happy dog.
    In the early hours of Saturday morning I awoke to Charlie panting. There was a bit of shaking and shivering. About 7ish he settled and went to sleep and all Sunday and Monday he was fine. He was fine on Tuesday. I went out in the afternoon on Tuesday and came back about 3.30ish. At about 5pm the panting started again on and off. A couple hours later he settled for about 1 hour and went to sleep and then we were off again. Sometimes there was no panting but shivering and shaking. Throughout the night he has panting, shivered and shaked. Can't seem to keep still and digs alot (he does dig mind but seems different). At about 4 this morning I got up out of bed since there was no point staying put. Sometimes there's almost a bit of whining, kinder under the breath if that makes sense?
    I was at the vet yestereday and mentioned to the vet about Charlie and she wasn't too concerned. I asked was he having a hypo and she said no. She did say if he keeps on having these episodes to bring him in - which I will do.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Maybe you've had a dog with similar symptons?

  2. plymgreys

    Hmmm, I'm not going to be much help really but wanted to offer some support. Hate to see a thread with no replies. I suppose the obvious is temprature regulation or pain. Does he feel the cold and then bury himself in blankets and get too hot maybe? Nesting when feeling cold seems reasonable. Does he have any arthritis that may be causing pain and therefore panting? I'm just throwing ideas around in the hope that something may strike a chord. In the mean time I guess it's a case of careful observation so you can give the vet as much info as poss relating to these episodes. Good luck and thoughts for Charlie.

  3. jackied

    Panting can be caused by stress. If our dog pants from stress he also has sweaty paws so you could check that out. And stress could be caused by pain, I imagine.

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