Does Gestational Diabetes Mean Big Baby

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Large For Gestational Age (lga)

What is LGA? Large for gestational age is a term used to describe babies who are born weighing more than the usual amount for the number of weeks of pregnancy. LGA babies have birthweights greater than the 90th percentile for their gestational age, meaning that they weigh more than 90 percent of all babies of the same gestational age. The average baby weighs about 7 pounds at birth. About 9 percent of all babies weigh more than 4,000 grams (8 pounds, 13 ounces). Rarely do babies weigh over 10 pounds. Although most LGA babies are born at term (37 to 41 weeks of pregnancy), a few premature babies may be LGA. What causes LGA? Some babies are large because their parents are large; genetics does play a part. Birthweight may also be related to the amount of weight a mother gains during pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can translate to increased fetal weight. By far, maternal diabetes is the most common cause of LGA babies. Diabetes during pregnancy causes the mother's increased blood glucose (sugar) to circulate to the baby. In response, the baby's body makes insulin. All the extra sugar and the extra insulin production can lead to excessive growth and deposits of fat, thus, a larger bab Continue reading >>

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  1. rawrrrchelle

    So I had my 24wk appointment yesterday and the dr did another ultrasound to compare her to the 20wk one and told me she weighs 1lb 10oz and is in the 77th percentile. Could this mean I have gestational diabetes?!

  2. redfallon

    I wouldn't think so. Your baby's size is normal for 24 weeks.

  3. USCnurse42

    Not necessarily. You would have to have the glucose test to determine that. My mother in law didn't have GDM and my husband was a 10 lb 4 oz baby. Ultrasounds are an estimate as well. They can be off by several ounces.

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