Does Exercise Prevent Diabetes

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How Can Exercise Prevent Diabetes?

How can exercise prevent diabetes? University of Copenhagen Global Health > News > 2009-2011 > How can exercise preve... 346 million (approximately 7 % of the world's population) people worldwide are estimated to have diabetes -a number that the World Health Organization (WHO) expects will double within the next 20 years. The paradox of this new epidemic is that it has been estimated that 80 % of all incidents of diabetes can actually be prevented if the primary risk factors were eliminated. Treatment and prevention of diabetes has a significant economic global impact. Lykke Sylow is writing her PhD on insulin resistance at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport Sciences , Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. And we asked her to explain us about her research and why exercise can prevent diabetes Insulin is a hormone which is released from the pancreas into the blood after a meal when blood sugar is high. When insulin is in the blood it is transported to various organs, such as adipose tissue, the liver and the muscles where it gives those organs a signal to take up the sugar so that blood sugar returns to normal. What happens when a person becomes resistant to in Continue reading >>

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  1. pauls1958

    Diabetes - disease or condition?

    Does anyone on the forum have an opinion on this?
    Simplistically, I believe it's a condition because you can't "catch" it. Diseases are normally caught. that's not to say that disease can't lead to diabetes though.

  2. karena

    Qreat question! I wonder if it depends on the type? Disease is not necessarily 'caught' and while it most certainly can come from an infection, it can also result from a genetic defect. I'm looking forward to the coming opinons!

  3. JEC

    I say its both.

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