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Anemia Risk Identifier Quiz

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have an increased risk of developing anemia. Take our quick quiz to find out what your risk is and how to identify symptoms of anemia. This quiz is not a medical diagnosis. You should speak with your health care provider if you think you may have anemia due to chronic kidney disease. Continue reading >>

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  1. coastman

    Bayer A1CNow (SELFCHECK) - not now, not ever again

    A few weeks ago, when I was at my local pharmacy purchasing test strips, I noticed a new device on the shelf by Bayer called the A1CNow. This is a kit for self-testing your A1C. I normally get mine done every 6 months as part of my diabetic blood work. But I was curious as to how well the self-test compared to the lab test (Very well I found out. But that was the good news.)
    In Canada, the kit cost about $40 plus tax. It is good for 2 A1C tests. So the cost is approximately $20 per test. What I didn't find out until after I bought the kit is that the device that measures the blood sample is disposable after the 2 tests are done. I was told there are no refills. You have to buy another whole kit.
    I read the instructions very carefully several times. Then I tried my first test. Remember, this is a brand new product. So I was something of a volunteer Guinea Pig.
    Everything went well until I plugged in the container with my blood sample at which point I got an error message. I waited about 10 minutes. But the message never cleared. So I called Bayer. The representative on the other end of the phone helpfully suggested that I run another test without first obtaining a blood sample. Since I had already wasted one test I wasn't about to go there. So I had her wait while I obtained a blood sample. This time when I ran the test everything went off without a hitch.
    After about 5 minutes a reading of 6.2 popped up which was exactly the reading my next lab work got. So while I was impressed, it cost me over $40 to satisfy my curiosity. I had carefully followed the instructions and done both tests exactly the same way each time. But the Bayer representative never suggested a replacement kit or even materials to perform another test. Customer service? Not in my books.
    This experience and the inconsistent results I was getting with my Bayer Contour meter have caused me to cross Bayer off my list. A1CNow? No thanks. Not now, not ever again.

  2. jwags

    Why didn't you ask the rep to send you a coupon for a free kit? Usually when a meter goes bad they are more than helpful about keeping you a customer. I usually wait until they are on sale for $19.99 and then I download a coupon off the Bayer site, so it costs about $15. My kit was pretty self explanatory and I didn't have any problems. One thing though is to always check the exp date on the box before buying. I have to pay for my own HbA1c tests once a year which can run me hundreds of dollars, so this product is great for me.

  3. coastman

    Originally Posted by jeanne wagner
    Why didn't you ask the rep to send you a coupon for a free kit? Usually when a meter goes bad they are more than helpful about keeping you a customer. I shouldn't have to ask for anything. I am a customer. The representative was supposed to be serving me. Since she is Bayer to me Bayer earned a failing grade. Do you live in Canada or the US? It can make a big difference. As a proud Canadian I am ashamed to admit that, with few exceptions, our American counterparts run rings around Canadians when it comes to giving service. My wife and I cheered when we heard that Nordstrom's was coming to Vancouver. YES!!
    Good to see you are keeping your carbs low. Good on you.

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