Different Blood Sugar Readings On Different Fingers

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Little Things That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Blood Glucose Reading

When you have diabetes, it's vital to make sure you're getting the most accurate reading when checking your blood glucose levels to ensure tight diabetes control. Emmy Suhl, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., at Joslin Diabetes Center, reviews different things that can impact your blood glucose reading and how to avoid them. Things that Can Affect your Blood Glucose Reading A dirty meter. Outdated test strips. If test strips are not compatible with the meter you're using, results may be inaccurate or no result will be obtained. If the wrong strip is used, it may not even fit into the slot or it may fit, but the meter won’t turn on, Suhl says. Substances left on your hands. For example, if there is a sugary substance on the finger used for lancing, even if it’s a small amount that can’t be seen, a high blood glucose reading can result. Temperature changes (heat/humidity/cold air). Not a big enough blood sample on the test strip. Wet fingers. Fluid mixes with blood and can cause an inaccurate reading. How to Avoid an Inaccurate Blood Glucose Reading Before using the meter for the first time and then again every few weeks, check your meter using the control solution, Suhl says. Control solutio Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. maverickuk

    Something bizarre!
    I seem to be getting significantly different blood sugar results when I take blood from a finger on my right hand from when I take it from a finger on my left hand.
    The results on my left hand are always lower. Just a coincidence, or could this be that the blood from my left arm/hand is more oxygenated, as it is closer to my heart. It could also be that the BS meter is unreliable. It was one of the cheapest available on Amazon.
    Can anyone recommend a really good BS meter?
    I also find it easier to take blood from the fingers on my left hand, as the blood erupts more easily and generously when I puncture a finger on my left hand, rather than my right.

  2. Daks

    Hi Maverick,
    You know what, I'm curious to see this one answered too as I have only ever tested from my left hand, and I'm a newbie.
    As for meters I like many here use the code free as it's a pretty reliable unit with super cheap test strips.
    Here's a link for the meter, there are also discount codes which make it even cheaper, not sure what they currently are but I'm sure someone will pass by and drop the voucher codes off for you.

  3. plonkish_

    I've never tested both at the same time (having to buy the sticks I wouldn't want to waste them) but very interesting!

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