Difference Between Diabetes Mellitus And Diabetes Insipidus Quizlet

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A patient has been diagnosed with cirrhosis. Which of the following is not commonly associated with cirrhosis? A.) frothy, fatty stools B.) shrunken liver C.) acites D.) hx of ETOH abuse Which of the following might you expect to see in a pt. with hepatitis D? A.) world-wide traveler B.) history of hepatitis B C.) history of ETOH use D.) over-consumption of vitamin-D fortified milk Which of the following is not commonly present at the same time as abnormally high bilirubin levels in the blood? A.) excessive bleeding and bruising B.) altered levels of consciousness C.) constipation D.) acites A patient has been diagnosed with liver failure. Which of the following lab tests is not used to monitor liver functioning? A.) levels of ALT B.) serum bilirubin C.) levels of AST D.) serum lipase levels Which of the following is known as the 'Master Gland', because the hormones it secretes control many other endocrine glands? a.) Hypothalamus b.) Pituitary gland c.) Adrenals d.) Thymus Continue reading >>

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  1. Kathim

    Can anyone answer me that if you are on an insulin pump and/or have high levels of ketones if the person would emit a smell of alcohol/liquor on the breath????????
    My husband is a diabetic but never has this. Someone came to our home to do work and smelled of alcohol/liquor and his boss said it is because he has an insulin pump.
    I just want to be informed if in fact that CAN happen.
    Thanks in advance

  2. HeatherP

    Hmmm...a person who is running very high blood sugars and/or has keytones can have very sweet or fruity smelling breath. This is not a healthy condition so going around that way constantly is rather irresponsible and dangerous. Most people think insulin itself smells sort of like band-aids.
    I'm not a pumper but smelling like that just because a person is on a pump sounds odd to me. I haven't heard that mentioned by any of the pumpers I do know, most are on other boards and are answering questions from new and prospective pumpers all the time.

  3. SamQKitty

    I agree with Heather...it sounds odd to me, too. The smell of diabetic ketoacidosis is usually referred to as "fruity" and, although I've never smelled it myself (being one of those lucky people who don't produce ketones), I would not associate a "fruity" smell as being the same thing as an alcohol smell. Also, if someone were at the stage of producing ketones, they probably wouldn't be feeling very well!
    I don't know if the smell of insulin reminds me of bandaids, Heather, but it sure as heck wouldn't be confused with the smell of alcohol! It's very pungent and medicinal smelling.
    It's quite possible that this is the story he gives his boss! Or maybe something's going on that we don't know about. I'd say that as long as he does good work, and you're not leaving him alone in your house, don't worry about it.

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