Diabetic Sleeping All The Time

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What Causes Diabetes Fatigue?

Fatigue is one of the most common disabling diabetes symptoms. Diabetes fatigue can disrupt and interfere with all aspects of daily living. What causes diabetes fatigue, and why is it so common? We’ve written about fatigue before and received tons of great comments on those posts. But this time let’s go deeper and find the whole range of causes and solutions, even if it takes a few weeks. Hopefully, everyone will find something that might help them, because this is a serious problem. For example, Melanie wrote, “[Fatigue] really takes a toll on my family and things we can do. I just want to have the energy to play with my son and to do things around the house or with friends…I can’t drive more than 30 minutes because my husband is afraid I will fall asleep…and wreck [the car]. (I have dozed while driving before.)” Maria commented, “Fatigue is a constant and I have had to learn to do only what I can. I don’t push myself anymore as I pay for it dearly. I get tired of explaining why I don’t feel good, don’t want to do anything. Some understand and some don’t.” And Jan wrote, “I sleep from midnight to noon each day. Then I get depressed because I wasted half Continue reading >>

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  1. Aster

    My H, a type II, was diagnosed last year. He's retired and takes 3 or 4 "naps" a day. It's almost like I'm living alone as these naps last from 30 min to an hour each.
    Does anyone else have a spouse sleeping his life away?
    He ALWAYS sleeps after a meal, a trip into town or just any excuse to go to bed.

  2. pixie2dw

    I'm a type 2 diabetic,dx 3 years a go. And my energy level is REALLY LOW! I need to plan trips or activities for short trips. Walking exhaust me somedays!! I have started taking Wal-Mart vitamins for 50yr olds,and I'm doing abit better. But now I'm only sleeping about 5 hours a night!!

  3. Aster

    pixie, I really appreciate your response. Because it's scary when your spouse sleeps so much. When he's up he acts nicely rested. But after he eats he starts yawning. I have no way of knowing how well he sleeps at night; he's a little cagey about that. What do you do ? Toss and turn? He says he is often "up for an hour on the computer." NO way I could focus during those hours.
    I'd take a pill but he only takes Glipizide; that's the extent of his treatment. And pixie, the amount of fluids he drinks is incredible. Not water. Four or five cans of Coke (sugar), a quart of apple juice (sugar),
    and yesterday he bought a GALLON of "reduced fat" chocolate milk and it's almost gone. We have MUCH more trash than the neighbors. Do you have unquenchable thirst too? Best Wishes,

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