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8 Protein Drinks For People With Diabetes

Protein shakes and smoothies are all the rage these days. These popular pre- and post-workout drinks can include almost any ingredient under the sun, so if you have diabetes, it’s natural to wonder how they’ll affect your blood sugar. That said, there’s no reason to shy away from these drinks. There are countless diabetes-friendly recipes available online. Here, we round up our top eight protein shake and smoothie recipes for people with diabetes. Protein drinks 101 In general, protein drinks are made from protein powder and a liquid. Depending on your dietary needs, this liquid may be: water dairy milk nut milk rice milk seed milk Other protein add-ins include: cottage cheese yogurt nut butters raw nuts Sweeteners, fresh or frozen fruit, and fresh vegetables may also be added. No one food is off-limits if you have diabetes. Still, it’s important to limit refined carbohydrates that are more likely to spike your blood sugar. Eating fat with carbohydrates may help slow digestion. This can slow down the length of time it takes sugar to hit your bloodstream. Sources of fat that taste great in protein drinks include: nut butters raw nuts hemp seeds flaxseeds chia seeds avocados Continue reading >>

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    Hi I just started taking Metformin yesterday,well I am a Nuring student and I always read FINE print..lol...I just want to share with you what it said about PCOS.
    " It is also used in women with a certain disease of the ovaries (polycystic ovarian syndrome). By helping your body to respond better to insulin, Metformin may decrease the risk of diabetes, make menstrual cycles more regular and increase fertility." The was good enough for me, my doc also has me test my blood sugar twice a day and put me on a diet with at least 130 carbs a day a no more then 144 carbs. He gave me a booklet to write everything down and wants me to see him every 3 weeks. He did say the Metformin with help the way my body reacts to carbs and in turn helping me lose weight, he said it wont be fast but it wont be crazy slow, just be patient and dedicated. He is the best, this is all new to me..and I was crying in his office. He just gave me a hug and said "You are to pretty to let this thing take over your life,you can beat this"... I really needed to hear that...sorry for babbling...lol
    "God Never Gives You More Then What You Can Handle"
    Name Aisha
    Age 30
    Height : 5 “2
    Start Weight 207 lbs
    Goal Weight 130 lbs

    current weight: 175.4







    Thank you all for your feedback. I have to say I didn't notice any side effect really until I took a full dose 1500mg a day. That first night I was so nauseous I couldn't sleep. Happy to say that since then Its just been minor cramps and one or two episodes of diarrhea. I'm convinced the weight loss and excessive sweating im seeing is in due partly to the Metformin. I'm willing to stick with as long as I don't experience anything very serious. Im not so concerned about ovulating. Working in labor and delivery has made me a little wary about having children right now. =)


    Metformin's side effects are mostly GI. Abd cramps, bloating, diarrhea, nausea...etc. Whether you take if for PCOS or Diabetes, the side effects are the same. That being said. I never had abd pain and diarrhea until I started taking the Metformin 500mg twice a day. I then moved to Metformin ER 750mg 2 a day. I have found my symptoms have lessened, but not disappeared. I did go for 6 months last year not taking it, my abd pain and diarrhea went away, and I gained a ton of weight. I was back to 360#. My max was 384# 5 years ago. Needless to say, I went back on it. So far I am down 24#. Easy to gain, hard to loose. But I am doing it!! And I will be taking the Metformin and sucking up the side effects because I so badly want to be healthy and get pregnant again. Because it decreased insulin resistance, it helps us ovulate. And I need that.

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