Diabetic Pizza Dough Recipe

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Spinach Pizza Crust {a Low Carb Pizza Crust}

Spinach Pizza Crust {a low carb pizza crust} Looking for an healthy low carb spinach pizza ? You will be amazed by this spinach pizza crust, a guilt-freepizza with only 1 g net carb per slice, lots of protein and full of flavors! Click here to signup for my free 5-day clean eating e-course With the summer coming in New Zealand I am very enjoying finger food with a smallglass of red wineduring the week end. Tonight I did what I called a low carb spinach pizza crust which is mainly made of freshbaby spinach,eggs and a bit of cheese. Spinach is a very low carb vegetable and because this recipe do not contain any flour it is a very low carb pizza crust recipe perfect for my diabetic diet. It is an easy recipe to prepare. All you need to do is to blend all the base ingredients in ablender or food processor and the crust will be ready in a sec! Spinach pizza crust low carb 3 ingredients recipe You know I am French right? And French love goat cheese and walnuts. It is a combo that French recipe use a lot. That is why I choose to top my pizza with grilled chicken breast, feta goat cheese, walnuts and extra pumpkin seeds. This flavor reminds my childhood in France. But well, any toppings w Continue reading >>

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  1. Frederick123

    The other day I was at my doctors office for a lecture about diet and exercise. While I was there, I started sweating like mad. My doc said my sugar must be low. I said it was high that is how my body reacts. He had the nurse test me and sure enough 197 . Am I the only weird one who sweats during highs? I've even checked some internet sites and they all said sweating is a sign of low glucose.
    What kind of symptoms do you folks have?

  2. JJ

    Welcome to the world of "weirdness"....... Both my sister-in-law and myself seem to get flushed and sweat when our sugar is up a bit. If my sugar is low, then I will get a bit light headed, very pale and might break out in a COLD sweat and get shaky. Everyone is different and I guess you know your own body.

  3. Nikecw14

    Last week I awoke around 4 am. My pajamas and sheets were soaked and I felt like my heart was facing. I freaked out and checked my blood sugar and it was 190. That was the first time that happened to me and it was scary.

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