Diabetic Color Changing Tattoo Ink

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Biosensing Tattoo Changes Color When Your Blood Sugar Levels Change

Having type 1 or 2 diabetes requires a person to always know what their blood sugar levels are. This normally takes time and can be quite invasive – normally people prick their finger with a special device and place a small drop of blood on a testing strip. Others have a device implanted just under their skin that continuously measures their blood sugar levels and sends the information to an external device. A team of researchers at Harvard and MIT have now come up with a rather curious alternative. Using a specialized ink, they have come up with a biosensing tattoo, one that will change color depending on your blood sugar levels. Known as DermalAbyss ink – currently still in the proof-of-concept stage and not available to the general public – it is able to track pH levels, as well as sodium and glucose concentrations within your bloodstream. Too much glucose and the ink becomes brown. Too much sodium and it becomes green (under UV light, at least). Purples and pinks indicate a changing pH level. “The DermalAbyss ink presents a novel approach to biointerfaces in which the body’s surface is rendered as an interactive display,” the team explain in a promotional video. The Continue reading >>

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  1. passingby

    I tried to send this questions a few minutes ago but something seemed to go wrong so I am trying again - hope I am not duplicating the question. As far as I know I am not diabetic but I have noticed recently that when I eat sweet things I suddenly become overwhelmingly tired, feel my enrgy draining away completely and feel generally unwell. Does this happen when a person with diabetes eats sweet things?

  2. Maddiemo1

    That is what happend to me started a couple of years ago and it's just got much worst. I had a feeling it was something to do with my sugar level, so I bought a meter to check every now and again. It some time reached 11 way to high. I kept falling asleep as soon as I eat anything sweet then it became bread and so on. Went to the doctor and explained and he said I have to have a glucose taste and results where prediabetic. I always know when my BS is to high I just drop of to sleep after eating.

  3. Sarah69

    Ive been diabetic since 97, I have a sweet tooth it's never happened to me.

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