Diabetic Bruising On Feet

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Bruises On The Feet: What You Can Do

The feet take a lot of pounding, and if you run or are physically active, multiply that by four—at least. Adventure races like the recent Met Con Blue at Blue Mountain can put your foundation to the test, and bruising may be the result. While injury and trauma are typically the cause of these discolored, sore areas, there are other reasons for their formation as well. The feet contain many bones, among them are the sesamoids. Bruising can happen when too much pressure is placed on the ball-of-the-foot, and these bones are inflamed or even fractured. Metatarsalgia also presents with a feeling of bruising on the ball-of-the-foot, however, there are no visible signs. Improper footwear is one of the leading causes of this sometimes painful occurrence. Other influences have to do with activity level, weight, age, and how the body is cared for daily. There are also medical conditions that can cause bruising, so unexplainable areas on the skin should be discussed with your medical provider. Proper care for a bruise typically involves icing your feet, allowing time for them to rest and heal, and addressing their cause. While you can’t change the fact that you dropped a heavy box on you Continue reading >>

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  1. Darly


    hello all, I was wondering if there was anyone else who has bruising that is unexplained. I have had them on my arms,legs,at times,now have 2 on my right ankle,don't remember hitting my ankle at all. I still have one on my thigh that has been there for over a month,it is lighter in color but still there (very light purple)…I did also get blood tests to see about my clotting factor? She never got the results back, this is not by the Dr. who took that stupid pill in the morning..LOL Have a great healthy day all. :) P.S. this was the same blood work that I was told I was pre diabetic.

  2. Darly

    I want to thank everyone for their input on this, you are all so great! Hope you are all feeling good this morning and have a great day! :)

  3. Pat Roth

    Morning, Darly!! I too have learned so MUCH from the different sites that some of these good folks point out to us—I just took time to read one from roberts—on getting started as a diabetic—-that it can be a slow growing problem and we have time to change for the better! And to sort out stuff, what is important and what is just one of those things——. Love, to ALL, PR

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