Diabetic Alert Dog Scholarships

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Service Dogs Can Be Trained To Alert Owners When Blood Sugar Is Low

Service dogs can be trained to alert owners when blood sugar is low First-year graduate student Trevor Bell, who has had diabetes for more than a decade, is fundraising for his diabetes alert dog. Ive had diabetes for like 15 years, Bell said. Growing up, I always kind of looked into getting a diabetes alert dog because I go low all the time, like my blood sugar goes low all the time. After Bell came to Chapel Hill to pursue his doctoral degree, he found Eyes Ears Nose and Paws, a nonprofit organization located in Carrboro that trains and places assistance dogs to help people with specific illnesses. Its just hard because I dont really know anybody here, and I havent been able to establish myself in the community, Bell said. Luckily, some people on the Eyes Ears Nose and Paws board kind of reached out to me and have helped and all that stuff. Bell had met all the potential dog graduates in December. On March 25, he will graduate with his own dog, who is able to detect blood sugar changes and bump Bell when his blood sugar levels fluctuate too much. BOG approves business school tuition increases, other school fees The training process usually takes 20 months along with another thre Continue reading >>

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  1. mark118

    I am now a type 1 diabetic and researching post workout inslin spikes. This is not something i want to do now but will do with time. I have a few questions though
    1: info i've read is for non-diabetics and its recommended to use no more than 10units PWO, but does the same apply to a diabetic? ie start at 2 extra units 1st and see how i react and then increase gradually?
    2: what kind of carb would you recommend? i have a choice of dextrose or maltodextrin
    3: normmaly, post workout i have 2 scoops of protien, 1-2 bananas and something else sugary. to take advantage of the insulin i should add further carb and protein, but how much of each? I've read a 2:1 ratio is popular. eg 3 scoops of protein, 1 banana and then 50-100g of dextrose (too much?)
    4: should i add 5g of creatine mono to my pwo shake too? or is this pointless with how effective insulin is at shuttling nutrients?
    5: not a question but saying that within 1.5 - 2 hrs of pwo i'd eat my lean high quality evening meal
    thanks guys for helping me out

  2. Random181

    Have you not asked this question before? anyway as always im not going to give advice on insulin but you should know that taking in just dextrose or malodexterin and not eating for 1.5 hours after pinning slin will most likely send you into hypoglycemic shock, you need to intake mixed GI carbs and have fast carbs on hand incase the worst happens...

  3. mark118

    i havent asked this question before
    thanks for the advice regarding the carb issue but if anyone has any input to my original post it would be much appreciated

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