Diabetic Alert Dog Scholarships

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Diabetes Alert Dogs?

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I am interested in getting one, as I have anxiety that accompanies my diabetes diagnosis. I am thinking that maybe having the dog around would make it easier for me to keep calm between blood sugar tests. (I am wearing a CGM, but it's the MiniMed, and it's inaccurate with me. My insurance won't cover Dexcom because I'm using MiniMed's pump). Do any of you have alert dogs? Where did you get them? What companies etc. can I trust? How much did they cost/is there a way to get a scholarship or something to that effect? I live in Southern California at the moment, if that makes a difference. I see that you've asked about DADs before. This is ALWAYS a hot topic. I might suggest that you look back over the responses you received previously, and do a search on the topic in general. There have been questions about a number of the DAD training outfits and their practices; there are also MANY strong supporters of DADs. There's also very little, if any, scientific support for the special abilities of DADs. A serious amount of research is called for. If you decide it's for you, I believe Continue reading >>

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  1. zpeishan

    Hunger Pangs

    I'm noticing this week that although I do consume enough food and water to feel full during lunch, I start to get hungry around 3 hours after lunch is over. I've been testing my blood sugar for the last couple of days and it's typically around 5.6mmol or 100mg/dl by that time if I've done some kind of exercise.
    Yesterday I made myself a low-carb snack of a couple of strawberries, 2 cheese cubes and a can of unsweetened oolong tea to stave off the hunger pangs but I was STILL ravenous during dinner time and ate more carbs than I'd wanted to...even after I'd tried to stuff my stomach with a heap of salad, water and more strawberries.
    What's a diabetic-friendly way to stave off these hunger pangs? Should I actually eat a snack with no carbs, or should I experiment with a small carb + protein snack? I should add at this point though, that my body's beginning to get used to a lower blood sugar level, which is great, but it does tell me that I am hungry despite the fact that I keep gulping down water to make myself feel fuller.
    I don't want to cause any major BG spikes but I don't want to overeat during dinner time either. Any ideas?

  2. ZoeSotet

    Ooh that's a hard one, I've been struggling with that for ages. No advice really, but I sympathise.
    I feel like a protein snack will satisfy the hunger better than veges will, but I could be wrong.
    It's a big fat lie that water will make us feel fuller

  3. EmmJay

    You can try some nuts, like almonds or cashews. Or something like pork rinds that have a carby feel to them but contain no carbs. I usually have some sugar free candy around to take a piece when I am starting to feel hungry.
    Hope these help

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