Diabetic Alert Dog Scholarships

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Learn how to train your service dog to alert you to sounds (hearing alerts) and do diabetic and other medical alerts. Note the star (*) indicates when the clicker marks the behavior. Note that barking is not a behavior that is desirable for an alert behavior for assistance dogs. In public is is disruptful and is only used for emergencies to call attention to a person that needs help. Look for our two way alert video and check out a detailed 'how to' description on our blog: http://viassistancedogs.blogspot.com/... Book a Skype or FaceTime session to have all your questions about service dogs and training them answered. http://servicedogtraininginstitute.ca... Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/E6YL/

Service Dogs Can Be Trained To Alert Owners When Blood Sugar Is Low

Service dogs can be trained to alert owners when blood sugar is low First-year graduate student Trevor Bell, who has had diabetes for more than a decade, is fundraising for his diabetes alert dog. Ive had diabetes for like 15 years, Bell said. Growing up, I always kind of looked into getting a diabetes alert dog because I go low all the time, like my blood sugar goes low all the time. After Bell came to Chapel Hill to pursue his doctoral degree, he found Eyes Ears Nose and Paws, a nonprofit organization located in Carrboro that trains and places assistance dogs to help people with specific illnesses. Its just hard because I dont really know anybody here, and I havent been able to establish myself in the community, Bell said. Luckily, some people on the Eyes Ears Nose and Paws board kind of reached out to me and have helped and all that stuff. Bell had met all the potential dog graduates in December. On March 25, he will graduate with his own dog, who is able to detect blood sugar changes and bump Bell when his blood sugar levels fluctuate too much. BOG approves business school tuition increases, other school fees The training process usually takes 20 months along with another thre Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Eric

    The Lilly KwikPen is a disposable insulin pen. But a lot of people may not know, you can actually refill it and re-use it!
    It’s very easy to do. Just two simple steps
    Notice in this picture how the plunger is all the way to the top. This Kwikpen is empty. Also notice that the black advance screw is pressed up against the plunger.
    This is the dosing button I am referring to:
    Step 1:
    Hold the base of the pen. Push the dosing button up into the base of the pen, and while holding it up into the pen, turn the dosing button counterclockwise. This is the opposite direction you do when dialing up your dose. Keep pushing the button into the base of the pen and turning the dosing button counterclockwise. As you turn the dosing button, you will hear click sounds, and you will see the black advance screw moving away from the plunger.
    Now, notice in this picture how the black advance screw is no longer pressed up against the plunger. Now you have space to put insulin back in the reservoir.
    Step 2:
    Simply add your insulin. Just take an insulin syringe filled with insulin from a vial, and refill the reservoir. Now you can reuse the pen! If you see an air bubble in the reservoir, just use your syringe to withdraw the bubble.
    Since this is just a simple demo, we don’t want to get into mixing different insulins or diluting. I will save that for another day.
    Why do this?
    Vial insulin is cheaper than pens. And I have found that these disposable pens are one of the more expensive items!

    But if you do the refill and reuse process just 3 times after the pen’s initial use, you have made it 1/4 of the price.

  2. Sam

    This is awesome! I could use this trick to refill pens with R and NPH too! I assume it doesn’t work with novolog pens?

  3. Eric

    I have never used a novolog pen, so I am not sure how those work.

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http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BRZZSQS - homemade dog food 10 tips for making homemade dog food tip 1 - Make sure you chop or grind the vegetables up really well. Keep in mind that dogs have a shorter intestinal tract. They also don't chew their food as much as we do. Both of these factors affect food breakdown and the amount of nutrients being absorbed. Make sure you chop or grind the vegetables up really well. article: http://turtlewoman.hubpages.com/hub/H... tip 2 - Poultry, Meats, and Fish Are Excellent Sources of Protein Use protein sources that you would use in your regular diet, but stay away from bean sources of protein such as soy, as well as pork, as they can be difficult for your dog to digest. Choose poultry, and red meats such as beef, lamb, venison or even buffalo. article: How to Find Good Protein Sources for Dogs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2212985_find-... tip 3 -make sure your dog gets enough calcium Calcium is generally one of the deficiency concerns when feeding a homemade dog food recipe diet. Calcium is also found in broccoli, spinach, and kelp seaweed. You may supplement calcium with plain yogurt, cheese, egg shells, and sardines. article: http://turtlewoman.hubpages.com/hub/H... tip 4 Add Omega 3 Fatty Acids Into Your Dogs Diet Omega 3 fatty acids are found in salmon fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are used to control inflammation and maintain joint health. The most bioavailable Omegs 3 appears to be salmon oil. article: http://www.dogarthritisblog.info/trea... tip 5 Avoid feeding your dog chocolate Chocolate in any form is as dangerous to a dog as caffeine. The darker the chocolate, the higher the danger to the dog. The chemical theobromide present in cocoa can cause damage to the kidneys, heart, lungs and the central nervous system.Typical symptoms include seizures, tremors, and over-excitement, diarrhea, vomiting, hyperthermia, abnormal heart rhythm and coma Tip 6 - Add Probiotics to You Dogs diet for Better Digestion Adding a probiotic to your dogs food helps reduce gas, control loose stools, help in some cases of diarrhea, and may be helpful in constipation. Probiotics are also suggested for dogs that have skin problems that may be secondary to digestive problems. article: http://drmark1961.hubpages.com/hub/do... Tip 7 A scratching dog is a sign of food allergies Dogs can develop allergies to their food, just like humans can. Of all allergies that dogs experience, about 10% are caused by food. 20% of itching is caused by food allergies and another 20% by food allergies with atopy . article: http://barbara-kay.hubpages.com/hub/F... TIP 8 - FEED YOUR DOG RAW BONES Perhaps you have heard that there are several different types of bones you should never feed your dog. There are a few, but typically any bone in raw form is going to be safe for your dog. Much to most owner's amazement and initial disbelief this includes chicken bones, turkey bones, lamb bones and even oxtails, all fed in a natural raw state. In addition whole fish, including the head, can also be fed to dogs on raw food diets. These bones are known as the soft bones and the dog will actually chew and eat the bone, bone marrow and the attached meat. The only bones to avoid are those that that break into shards. This only happens when they have had their nutrients depleted from heat. article: http://julieannamos.hubpages.com/hub/... TIP 9 Use brown rice flour in homemade dog food recipes Use of brown rice flour is advised as it is easily digestible.Avoid white flour as there is no worthy nutrient content when compared to whole grain. Flour made from whole grains like rice, wheat, oats, etc can be used. article: http://EzineArticles.com/6453873 Tip 10 - Avoid Soy and By-products According to the Rodale Instituteavoid soy because it leads to bloat, which is potentially fatal in dogs. Rodale advises you to skip anything labeled as a "byproduct" because it is a leftover waste product resulting from the removal of the more nutritional aspects of the original product. article: http://pets.thenest.com/veterinary-ad... dog eating bone phot0 http://s4.hubimg.com/u/1166971_f520.jpg dog with carrot photo http://www.rodale.com/files/images/do... probiotic photo http://www.baselinenutritionals.com/p... For more great homemade dog food information, recipes, and ideas go here now http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BRZZSQS

*note: We Are No Longer Taking New Service Dog Clients. We Are Not Accepting New Applications. Here’s Why. *

Diabetes Alert Dogs Brooks Labradors Service Dogs™ Diabetic Alert Dogs (more properly referred to as “Diabetes Alert Dogs”) are trained to recognize the “out of range” blood sugar levels experienced by a person with Type 1 Diabetes, and to alert him well before a life threatening seizure or blackout. Diabetes Alert Dogs (DADs) are a relatively new addition to the Service Dog industry and truly amazing companions. We breed and train service dogs to increase the quality of life for children and adults living with Type 1 diabetes, particularly those who experience “hypoglycemic unawareness.” Normally, a person with diabetes can feel their blood sugar dropping or spiking. They may become light headed, drowsy or experience headaches. Diabetics that suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness do not readily feel the effects of a change to their blood sugar and are therefore at a high risk for life threatening seizures and complications, especially while they sleep. Diabetes Alert Dogs can smell a diabetic’s blood sugar dropping or spiking out of range, and alert their diabetic owner/handler in advance of a crisis. DADs are trained to “alert” their owner to the onset of a cha Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. miggsmacall

    I have insulin resistance and now Gestational Diabetes- I'm 20 weeks pregnant.
    It's easy to keep my blood sugars 1 & 2+ hours after eating in the 100-110 range controlled by diet- "low" carbs, but just high enough to not go into ketosis because I'm pregnant. I space out about 130 grams of carbs throughout the day and like I said, my BS is just fine.
    BUT, it's always between 97-110-115 fasting. I've tried not eating after 8pm (hard to do when you're pregnant), I've tried eating a controlled carb snack (15 grams) mixed with fat and protein before bed- same results.
    Are these numbers something to worry about? I know about Dawn Phenom. and feel like this probably isn't a case of my BS being too high throughout the night and just coming down to 110 by morning but because my hormones are "waking me up".
    Am I causing damage?

  2. kristen777

    first off, congrats on the pregnancy! i am also sorry you have to deal with GD, i also had it...they tested me very early on and i had to follow a lc diet from 9 weeks! really sucks for pregnant women, esp when the cravings kick in..i always thought of pregnancy as the time it was ok to get away with eating a sundae followed by a pickle followed by fried chicken and no one would say anything, but instead i had to eat sf jello veggie sticks
    as far as the numbers, im sure most drs are different but mine was mostly concerned with the fasting numbers being under 80...as i got further along, my fasting numbers went higher and higher and he finally put me on medication as the diet alone wasnt working..it sucked but at the end of the day, i knew i had to do it for the baby
    i wont lie, my 'push present' was a peanut butter sundae

  3. ravenrose

    very good questions! congrats on the pregnancy too.
    if I were you I would go to the site BloodSugar101 and ask the woman who runs the site. she is the most knowledgeable person I know personally on this subject and most kind to take her time to help people with questions like yours.
    my sense is that for the pregnancy, it's not a problem to be that high fasting, but you need to jump on it after giving birth. is there trouble taking Metformin while pregnant? I have no idea, but that would be your best bet, it's it's ok.
    this is probably not going to be helpful, but when I was trying to deal with this issue, not pregnant, at one point in the past I got some help from eating a SMALL snack sometime in the wee hours like 3-4 am when I got up to use the bathroom. just keep it in there, something like a small piece of cheese, on the counter. I don't know why, but giving my digestion something to do seemed to keep my liver from going so bonkers with the glycogen release. I have never heard anyone else suggest this, so again, it probably won't help, but it's easy! good luck.

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Service Dog Academy - www.servicedogacademy.com Diabetic Alert Dog University - www.diabeticalertdoguniversity.com

Diabetic Alert Dog

There are many tools to use in dealing with diabetes, and the Diabetic Alert Dog is one more tool to add to the toolbox used to help families deal with their child who has diabetes. With the use of a Diabetic Alert Dog the child can gain the independence they need as they grow up and mature and the parents are not afraid to allow them to do so. Here at 4 Paws we place Diabetic Alert Dogs with children who have insulin-dependent Type 1 Diabetes. As with all medical alert dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to smell the chemical body changes that occur as the insulin levels increase or drop. When a child is experiencing a high or low, their body is releasing chemicals that change their typical scent. A 4 Paws Dog with the right training in scent-based work is able to respond to those chemical changes, at the onset of the changes long before any adverse medical reactions occur, by alerting the parents or caregivers to the change at its onset. The parents and/or child are then able to check their blood sugar level and take appropriate action. Training Diabetic Alert Dogs for children means that we must train a dog that is unique in its ability to meet the needs of both the child with Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. jupton1

    STRESS OR ANXIETY ,the effect it can cause

    Stress results when something causes your body to behave as if it were under attack. Sources of stress can be physical, like injury or illness. Or they can be mental, like problems in your marriage, job, health, or finances.
    When stress occurs, the body prepares to take action. This preparation is called the fight-or-flight response. In the fight-or-flight response, levels of many hormones shoot up. Their net effect is to make a lot of stored energy - glucose and fat - available to cells. These cells are then primed to help the body get away from danger.
    In people who have diabetes, the fight-or-flight response does not work well. Insulin is not always able to let the extra energy into the cells, so glucose piles up in the blood.
    Many sources of stress are not short-term threats. For example, it can take many months to recover from surgery. Stress hormones that are designed to deal with short-term danger stay turned on for a long time. As a result, long-term stress can cause long-term high blood glucose levels.
    Many long-term sources of stress are mental. Your mind sometimes reacts to a nondangerous event as if it were a real threat. Like physical stress, mental stress can be short term - from taking a test to getting stuck in a traffic jam. It can also be long term: from working for a demanding boss to taking care of an aging parent. In mental stress, the body pumps out hormones to no avail. Neither fighting nor fleeing is any help when the "enemy" is your own mind.

  2. TellT

    I've been looking for information about sugar drops under stress. Really, I'm sick of others telling me how my body reacts, feels, pain levels, or does. Doctors and others keep telling me my sugars "must" rise, I'm hypo, under stress, more hypo. Wrong, mine drops severely and did just that again last evening when confronted with a dangerous situation. Worsened when the battery on my meter failed. I think science or all these doctors, professionals, who claim to be gods and claim all absolutes many times have it wrong. This is not the only issue that must disagree with them on, and that they have put me in very un-healthy situations, or not allowed treatments/meds cause they think they know me, my body, or what may work for me. The VA is absolutely horrible about this since their health care means.. one size fits all.
    They also tested, supposedly, my adrenal and said all was fine then, but that was at a time when I wasn't having issues. I also cannot have some event happen at will so they can see it. I have also known people with the same issue. My father's sugar does rise when stressed or hyped up, and stays there for quite a while. I really wish people and ego trippers or so-called professionals would cease spouting off absolutes or telling people to get on anti-depressants or something stupid just because we may be different and not having systems they are brain-washed to call absolutes when dealing with a variety of people and various issues.

  3. marla3300

    I want to know if anyone else has extreme high sugar levels when under stress. Because of my stress at work it often goes into the 500 range, but as soon as I am away from my stress, it drops down to close to normal and then after my injections, it will become normal or low.

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