Diabetic Alert Dog Scholarships

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Grand Junction - Kiwanis International

Check out the Kiwanis International Magazines Childs Best Friend article Scroll down to find out about the program andread Halle's speech below (when our Club formally gaveSandy to her). He's 8 weeks old & his handler is Gwen Kingery There is a growing prevalence of silent disabilities such as diabetes and extreme allergies among our communitys children. Many of these childrens lives are severely constrained and socially limited by their need to be continuously monitored and protected. Childrenslives can be dramatically improved with a well trained alert service dog. These dogs alert to a diabetic episode or the presence of a dangerous allergen. They can locate and retrieve medications, even when misplaced. We strive to change the lives of children in our community who are afflicted with these silent disabilities by providing them with dogs bred with specific characteristics suitable for service work. Our club invites selected families, with an afflicted child, to apply for enrollment in our Academy where they receive a puppy at NO COST to the family. Sandi means the world to me. He is my little alerter that helps me realize that Im low, my little guardian angel, my angel in disgu Continue reading >>

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  1. 12jewlz

    hello, i have a very good friend that was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 5-6yrs ago. i hate to say this but the truth matters. he has been in and out of prison many times. i also have been to the same prison he was in for females. anyway the reason that is relevant is because at that time, the prison psychiatrist was handing out seroquel like it was candy to probably 80% of the prison population anyway i recently found out that my friend got type 2 diabetes, he says he cant understand it. he isnt an overweight man, has never really ate unhealthy except of course in prison where u really dont have a choice and get this (this is when i figured that it was the seroquel) not one person in his entire family, immediate or extended family has ever had diabetes!!!!! im hoping that someone on here can tell me how he would go abouts finding out if it was the seroquel that actually caused it! he suffers from extremely high blood sugar most the times its well into the 600 range! hes on injectable insulin im not sure of the name of it. What i do know is that when he was incarcereated and after he was released he was prescribed 400mg three times a day. Any information would be extremely helpful. I live in Rhode Island as does he. If anyone knows of any experts in this field in New England or anything i would really appreciate it! Thank you!

  2. Amy Togtman

    I have been taking Seroquel 800mgs now for about 6 yrs now and thats when I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but I was also obese and so I'm not sure if the Seroquel caused my diabetes but I have not had any real problems with Seroquel I am actually doing real good on it and will continue to take Seroquel for my mental problems.

  3. ms hiner - 30998

    please reply to me Angie, I too am a diabetic serviver of seroquil no one will disscus this with me in fact doctors get mad if I bring it up & I have several it took me a year to get into a mental health group therapy set up.One man began disscusing seraquil & diabetes i joined in his conversation,& they asked both of us not to come back. So please tell me about these legal

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