Diabetes The Silent Killer Essay

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The Silent Killer Article In The Time Magazine | Cellular Inflammation

Health: The Fires Within By Christine Gorman, Alice Park and Kristina Dell What does a stubbed toe or a splinter in a finger have to do with your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, suffering a heart attack or succumbing to colon cancer? More than you might think. As scientists delve deeper into the fundamental causes of those and other illnesses, they are starting to see links to an age-old immunological defense mechanism called inflammation — the same biological process that turns the tissue around a splinter red and causes swelling in an injured toe. If they are right — and the evidence is starting to look pretty good — it could radically change doctors’ concept of what makes us sick. It could also prove a bonanza to pharmaceutical companies looking for new ways to keep us well. Most of the time, inflammation is a lifesaver that enables our bodies to fend off various disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites. (Yes, even in the industrialized world, we are constantly bombarded by pathogens.) The instant any of these potentially deadly microbes slips into the body, inflammation marshals a defensive attack that lays waste to both invader and any tissue it may ha Continue reading >>

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  1. Ranelda

    I am newly diagnosed and am on Metformin 250 mg in morning and 250 at night. Can you tell me how long this take to work. My glucose readings were very high last week...25 average and now down to 17 average. I believe about 5 is normal. I am on a low carb diet and exercising daily.

  2. aggie168

    Hi Ranelda, welcome to DF. Metformin is one of the oldest T2 drug and it can take weeks to get its full effect. Once your glucose stabilize with your new diet routing, you doctor will then work with you to determine if you need to increase the dosage. The maximum one take is 2550mg per day.

  3. UltraStimp

    Ranelda said:

    I am newly diagnosed and am on Metformin 250 mg in morning and 250 at night. Can you tell me how long this take to work. My glucose readings were very high last week...25 average and now down to 17 average. I believe about 5 is normal. I am on a low carb diet and exercising daily.
    Yes, those numbers are very high, and that dose of Metformin is very low, even after it kicks in. In the meantime, I suggest trying to lower those numbers by yourself, through diet and exercise. Cut the carbohydrates out of your diet and do some moderate intensity exercising.

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Rising global obesity is linked to the rise in diabetes. Mexico has the highest rate of child obesity in the world. Al Jazeera's John Holman reports from Mexico City on the governments response.

Obesity Silent Killer In India

A new study released by the Registrar General of India indicates that obesity-related diseases have joined malnutrition as leading causes of death. As India's economy grows, so does the temptation for many people to eat more and do less. Tired and home late? Fatty food is just a phone call away. Overweight, but eager to get married? Now there's overweightshadi.com, an Indian dating site exclusively for obese people. In a country where the Global Hunger Index shows that nearly half of all children are malnourished, many of India's well-off citizens are now seeking treatment for obesity. New Delhi-based business professional Aradhna Tripathi admits she loves to eat. "Eating is the most important thing in any Indian household and how you show your love and gratitude for a person is through the kind of food you serve him," she said. "Indian people are used to eating the kinds of foods cooked at home that are filled with masala and oil. With the kind of sedentary lifestyle we lead, these are the reasons we have obesity increasing. " India's current National Family Health Survey indicates that more than 20 percent of urban Indians are overweight or obese. And in the northwestern state of Continue reading >>

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  1. Essie

    Took Humalog instead of Lantus!

    You probably think I am so stupid and careless but tonight when I gave myself my once a day basal shot I accidentally/absentmindedly injected Humalog instead of Lantus.
    I take 68 units of Lantus. It changes depending on the meal but I usually take 15-20 units of Humalog at meals. So injecting 68 is so much!
    It has been almost four hours since I did it. I have eaten a ton of stuff out of fear and panic. I am still afraid to go to bed. How long until it is completely out of my system? And since I skipped the Lantus how will that impact tomorrow?

  2. bolgios

    Lantus will make your BG rise tomorrow when it is not taken. You were good to eat a lot. I have gotten little squezzable packs of frosting for bad reactions, they have about 105 gm of CHO. 2-3 of those prolly would have stopped a major reaction, but they cost $4 apiece.
    With regular, it usually took me 8-12 hours to get over an over injection, I would worry for that long and no more.
    I had to sto ptaking Lantus, I kept reducing my amount down to 19 units, but I got bruises, gained weight, could not lift anymore, and started getting weird colds/lung problems. Humalog did the same to my stomach and gastro, so I went back to Regular and Ultralente, then when they were sued because it had a thgryoid agonist in it, and I have an overactive one anyway, I went to Humulin NPH and regular. I knew how it worked, less problems, did not react so strangely like I did with the newer insulins. Plus, I coudl order it from Canada for 25$ bottle, delivered!
    Every diabetic makes this mistake, and forgetting to take your shots too!

  3. Jaye J.

    How scary. That is something I would call my doctor for to get advice. As much as taking insulin (Humalog at meals and Lantus at night) for years, I would still think I forgot or even forget to get an injection. It's one of those things you do so often that you can recall doing it. The problem is that those memories all blend together and you might be recalling yesterday.
    I hope you're okay.

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The Sweet And Silent Killer

Supplied Diabetes is probably not the first non-communicable disease that one would associate with Cambodia, but as tastes converge and dietary preferences change, so has the prevalence of disease in the kingdom. According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 6 percent out of Cambodia’s 16.6 million people suffer from the disease. While this may seem good news to some, considering that the average global prevalence of diabetes currently stands at 8.5 percent, this is actually a cause for concern. The number of diabetics are rising as quickly as the waistlines of Cambodians are expanding. Throughout the economic boom that followed the stability in the early 2000s, the number of overweight Cambodians has increased to 16.4 percent of the total population, and the number is expected to keep on rising – in both urban and rural areas. According to research carried out by the Cambodian Diabetic Association, the prevalence rate is actually much higher among rural women between the ages of 40 and 45 as their workloads begin to decrease and their lifestyles become more sedentary. The lack of awareness of the disease – which has acquired a rather benign-sounding name in Khmer Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. satishkatarapu

    which rice is best for diabetic type2

    which rice is best for diabetic type2. Also fruits contain glucose, can i eat all fruits. Please someone advice me the diet for me. Am bit worried.

  2. mrobmsu

    rice is pretty much off my diet now--even the brown stuff. i've also cut out pretty much most fruits, too. some diabetics can handle these foods--i've found i can't. the best you can do is try them, check your blood sugar, and see what happens.

  3. jwags

    This is a YMMV question. I used to eat brown rice a lot but found it is still very carby. So I gave it up. Now, I don't even miss it. When I eat Chineese food I make Shiratake Noodles which are 0 carbs. Some people even make cauliflower rice. You can also chop cabbage into small rice size pieces to resemble rice. Spaghetti squash is another good alternative. Fruit has fructose which not only raises bg but also raises your Triglyceride numbers. I rarely eat fruit but once in awhile have a few berries, but not often.

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