Diabetes The Silent Killer Documentary

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Type Ii: The Silent Killer

Aotearoa’s biggest killer… Diabetes is a global problem, and indigenous peoples are more prone to suffer from it. This documentary investigates Type-II Diabetes in New Zealand. It focuses on Maori and why they are three times more likely to be among those who are suffering – and dying – from this disease. And it and reveals what needs to be done to prevent this. “We’re the ambulances waiting at the bottom of the cliff, but when this epidemic really hits, and it will, we won’t have enough of them. This country will have to do something really radical to avert this catastrophe.” This quote is from Dr Allan Moffatt, Counties Manukau District Health Board, and he’s talking about diabetes. If he is right, New Zealand will soon be confronting a health crisis that could bankrupt the health system and produce the first generation of children to die before their parents. Continue reading >>

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  1. dqmomof3

    Didn't Mr. Webb write an article recently? Seems like I remember reading his story...

  2. Cookie Monster

    Yes Jennifer
    It's in this thread:
    Justin Webb article

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