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A Color-changing Tattoo Will Let You Know Your Blood Sugar Levels At A Glance

A Color-Changing Tattoo Will Let You Know Your Blood Sugar Levels At A Glance Share on Facebook Click me! Share on Twitter Click me! Copy Link Aside from the obvious long-term health issues associated with diabetes, the daily blood sugar checks can serve as their own sort of hardship. Normally, someone suffering from diabetes must draw blood using a special kit once or several times per day. Not only is it a hassle , but the inconvenience of the process can lead to negligence, especially by young sufferers. So anything that makes the process easier, isnt just more convenientits a more effective treatment altogether. With thatease of use in mind, a joint Harvard and MIT research team hasdeveloped a specialized reactive ink that could be tattooed on a diabetes patient, allowing them to check their blood sugar levels by simply registering the color of their body art. The product, still being tested, is known as DermalAbyss ink . The substance, once injected, is reactive, notonly to glucose levels, but also to sodium and even your bodys pH, promising uses beyond the diabetes population. The product has many hurdles to overcome before well see any humans sporting the innovative ink, bu Continue reading >>

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