Diabetes Tattoo Ink

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This Tattoo Ink Changes Colour When Your Blood Sugar Levels Drop

This Tattoo Ink Changes Colour When Your Blood Sugar Levels Drop The biosensing ink is particularly helpful for those with diabetes If youre the type of person who would need to explain a new tattoo to your parents, perhaps you should try one thats good for your health. Researchers at MIT have developed a tattoo ink with biosensing ink that helps people monitor their wellbeing. The DermalAbyss changes colours based on changes in the interstitial fluid, which surrounds tissue cells in your body. Its particularly useful for people with diabetes, or other health conditions that require constant monitoring. Currently, diabetics need to pierce themselves 3 to 10 times per day to monitor their glucose. With the DermalAbyss, theyd need just one initial piercing in the form of a tattoo (though, technically, a tattoo consists of thousands of little piercings). So far, the researchers have developed biosensors based on three biochemical data points. Theres the glucose sensor, which changes from blue to brown when blood sugar increases. A pH sensor changes between purple and pink as alkalinity increases, and a sodium sensor becomes a more intense green under UV light when salt levels increas Continue reading >>

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  1. HLG01

    What is everyone's A1C?

    And what dosage of medication/insulin do you take? Anything else you like to share, cholestrol level, bp…and how are you battling them?

  2. Traceyrb

    Before starting on the pump (3.5 months ago) my A1C was 11.9 and now 7.9 so I'm pleased with how much its come down in those 3.5 months. Hoping to be under 7 on my next A1C

  3. medic673b

    4 months ago A1c was 5.7 my fasting is around 84-90 was taken off of BP meds after 3 months of power walking mon-fri 3-5 miles a day. Sat mountain biking usually 60-70 min I take Sundays off. i have dropped 30 pounds and kept it off since Dx 2 1/2 years ago on pace for losing about 1 pound a week. resting Pulse rate 52-60 i take Metformin 500mg X 2 day. also take 134mg of Fenofibrate every day for cholesterol but in double blind study of type 2 patients if has been shown to improve Kidney function which means lesser chance of kidney failure

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