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Is It True That Insulin Makes You Age Faster Or Is It Just More Dieting Mumbo Jumbo?

Yes. In fact, calorie restriction induces a reduction in the insulin signalling pathways (both through IGF-I and insulin), and this reduction in insulin signalling pathways is thought to be one of the primary mechanisms through which calorie restriction acts to increase lifespan. High blood insulin levels are usually the result of high blood glucose levels. So high levels of insulin signalling are a signal of high "nutritional state", and shift a cell's internal state towards increased levels of growth and decreased levels of repair. Increases in growth and decreases in repair = increases in waste products that accumulate within a cell and that ultimately cause aging at the cellular level. An increase in insulin levels usually causes an increases in protein synthesis and decreases in both proteolysis and autophagy through the pathway diagrammed below [1]. This is bad, as this will effectively increase the number of misfolded proteins that fail to degrade (one major factor in aging rate). In fact, decreased protein synthesis and increased autophagy are both associated with increased lifespan (Page on Nih, Protein translation, 2007. ). (figure from ) For a summary of its physiologica Continue reading >>

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  1. astrophe

    No -- I don't remember side effects when I was able to stop it.
    Which one are you one? Perhaps try different formula?
    Metformin Extended release, Avandia, etc.
    Also, remember to stair step up to your level. I had to take 2000, but did it like 500 one week, then 1000, then 1500, then 2000. Jumping right up to 2000 would have made me feel nasty.

  2. OhMyDogs

    I was prescribed Metformin last month, and started it right away. By day 2 I found I felt horrid. So I stopped taking it. I had been prescribed 500 MG twice a day for Insulin Resistance. When I told my doctor I had stopped taking it, she wanted me to back on it, and suggested I start at 1/2 dose. I resisted through the rest of December, and did some research.
    I have read that some people feel particularly ill when eating high sugar foods while taking Metformin. So, yesterday I started back on it, at 1/2 dose, and had NO problem, until today when I binged on Reece's Pieces, then felt awful for a couple of hours, but am doing fine again now.
    I know this won't be the case for everyone, but it seems to be helping me, and it's good inspiration for me to keep my sugar intake low. I will try upping my dose to the full 500 mg 2x daily in a week or 2. My doctor wants me on it not only to help keep my sugars down, but she thinks it will help with weight loss as well! Here's hoping!
    I hope you find a good solution!

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