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Fat Metabolism And Diabetes

By: Brad Dieter, PhD Read Time: 5 minutes Tl;dr: It appears that basal fat metabolism is the most “disturbed” aspect of metabolism in diabetes. Fat Metabolism and Diabetes The title of this piece alone should be enough to make you scratch your head. I mean everyone and their dog knows people with a “messed up” metabolism or type 2 diabetes (T2DM) has a carbohydrate/sugar problem right? Well, it turns out it may be the exact opposite. At a fundamental level, individuals with T2DM actually have a fat metabolism problem, not a carbohydrate problem as previously believed. Now how can this be? I mean blood sugar is elevated in these individuals and they also have “insulin resistance” so clearly it has to be a carbohydrate metabolism problem. Right?! Well let us ask ourselves a basic question that should ferret that out. What would the baseline metabolism of a person with diabetes be if the underlying cause was in fact, impaired carbohydrate metabolism? If true, they would have a lower carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism ratio than a lean, healthy person. Thus, their respiratory exchange ratio (carbs-to-fat oxidation ratio aka RER) should be lower. Here is a brief synop Continue reading >>

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  1. MunchkinsDad

    I have been just diagnosed with diabetes. It was a physical before a back operation. Now I cannot have it till everything is normal.
    My triglycerides are 3000
    Blood sugar 338
    Creatine +1
    Liver function above normal
    I read this post and had a question... Could I have a liver disease that is causing my creatine level and tri's to go to 3000? I exersise very regularly and these results are horrible for the activities I do. It doesnt make sense and that is why I would like to find out what is causing these horrible results.
    I had been on a lo carb diet for some time and then went off it 6 months ago because of weightlifting and now I am back on it.
    I thought I was relatively healthy, I have been weightlifting 3 times a week for 7 months am 230lbs ( there is some fat still to get rid of). No work because of my back condition due to a car accident.
    I also wanted to take a creatine suppliment for weightlifting but am not sure if I should because my level was +1
    Can you help?

  2. Dr. Yasser Mokhtar

    Dear MunchkinsDad,
    i suppose that the samples of triglycerides were taken after at least 12-13 hours of fasting.
    High triglycerides can be expected in patients with diabetes. The reason for it is inuslin deficiency. It is part of the metabolic derangement that occurs in diabetes. Once your diabetes is under better control, it should come down, if not, you have to take medications to bring the triglycerides down, otherwise, you carry the risk of having pancreatitis with such high figures.
    Were you taking any steroids then when you had these samples taken? Were you having any symptoms before that or totally accidentally found when you were having the pre-op evaluation?
    Regarding what you mentioned as creatine level, did you mean creatinine level? Creatinine level is a blood test that is done to check for kidney function. i am not sure what you meant by +1. It has to have a figure and the lab should give the range of normal values and the units used as well because there are 2 ways in expressing creatinine levels and the values are really different.
    If this is creatinine level that you meant and if it is 1, this is normal.
    Regarding whether or not to take creatine, please, consult with your doctor before taking any medications or supplements.
    About creatine, your kidneys have to be absolutely normal to be able to take creatine in order to be able to clear the additional creatine that is there during the loading dose. It looks like your kidney functions are normal. If your doctor decides that it is safe for you to take creatine then you have to make sure you are really very well hydrated particularly during the loading period.
    Thank you very much for using our website https://doctorslounge.com and i hope that this information helped.
    Yasser Mokhtar, M.D.

  3. MunchkinsDad

    Thanks for your response!
    I had no idea what so ever that I had a problem, in fact, I would brag that I was as healthy as could be.
    The Dr. did the physical and said he would call about the blood work but everything looked good for the back operation.
    Before I got into my car he ran me down and said he had to talk to me more because they just faxed the blood work. Diabetes... put me on a pill and wanted more blood work which is when I found about about the high tri's and such.
    No steroids! I just lift weights for excersise, fat loss and muscle building. Recreational kind of thing. I read that protien drinks help and so I had been taking that and getting ready to take creatine.
    Yes it was creatinine 1.2
    I did fast.
    Ketones 1+
    ALT 112
    Ast 47
    Its hard to believe I have diabetes but I am really concerned about any other problems that havent been found.
    I am taking an herb to reduce the tri's."

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