Diabetes Mellitus Birth Defects

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Diabetes Mellitus And Birth Defects.

Abstract OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to examine associations between diabetes mellitus and 39 birth defects. STUDY DESIGN: This was a multicenter case-control study of mothers of infants who were born with (n = 13,030) and without (n = 4895) birth defects in the National Birth Defects Prevention Study (1997-2003). RESULTS: Pregestational diabetes mellitus (PGDM) was associated significantly with noncardiac defects (isolated, 7/23 defects; multiples, 13/23 defects) and cardiac defects (isolated, 11/16 defects; multiples, 8/16 defects). Adjusted odds ratios for PGDM and all isolated and multiple defects were 3.17 (95% CI, 2.20-4.99) and 8.62 (95% CI, 5.27-14.10), respectively. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) was associated with fewer noncardiac defects (isolated, 3/23 defects; multiples, 3/23 defects) and cardiac defects (isolated, 3/16 defects; multiples, 2/16 defects). Odds ratios between GDM and all isolated and multiple defects were 1.42 (95% CI, 1.17-1.73) and 1.50 (95% CI, 1.13-2.00), respectively. These associations were limited generally to offspring of women with prepregnancy body mass index > or =25 kg/m(2). CONCLUSION: PGDM was associated with a wide range Continue reading >>

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  1. jim61

    For those of you on a low carb diet, I found a readily available tortilla that actually tastes like a "regular" one. It's Mission "Carb Balance". I prefer the ones that are white flour, but they also make a whole wheat version (I don't like it). The white flour ones are nice and soft, and they taste good without the dry chalkiness other low carb tortillas tend to have.
    Thought I'd pass this along. For those having a tough time giving up bread, this is a nice low carb alternative, plus most major grocery stores carry them.

  2. Martin_Canty

    There are a number of great options, ones that I sometimes eat net out at 3g (Mission brand but can't remember the "model") In winter I tend to move toward wraps rather than salads for lunch.

  3. jrae88

    la tortilla factory brand makes pretty good ones also! They make wheat and white as well but Ive only tried the white ones.

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