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Pharmacologic Therapy For Type 2 Diabetes: Synopsis Of The 2017 American Diabetes Association Standards Of Medical Care In Diabetes Free

Abstract Description: The American Diabetes Association (ADA) annually updates the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes to provide clinicians, patients, researchers, payers, and other interested parties with evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis and management of patients with diabetes. Methods: For the 2017 Standards, the ADA Professional Practice Committee updated previous MEDLINE searches performed from 1 January 2016 to November 2016 to add, clarify, or revise recommendations based on new evidence. The committee rates the recommendations as A, B, or C, depending on the quality of evidence, or E for expert consensus or clinical experience. The Standards were reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of the ADA Board of Directors, which includes health care professionals, scientists, and laypersons. Feedback from the larger clinical community informed revisions. Recommendations: This synopsis focuses on recommendations from the 2017 Standards about pharmacologic approaches to glycemic treatment of type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) first released its Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes for health professionals in 1989. These practice gui Continue reading >>

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  1. xring responded:

    Hi, Cheryllynn,
    Yes, I have what feels like shortness of breath & a pounding heart & a shaky, hypoglycemic feeling most of the time even with normal blood sugar. Also constant hunger - as if I haven't eaten for several days - even right after a meal. Sometimes it's accompanied by a tight, constricted feeling in my chest. It does not seem to affect my exercise at all.
    At my last visit in 4-08, my endocrinologist said it's because my body is used to high blood sugar (I was 491 at diagnosis in 12-08) & now it thinks it's starving. A diabetes educator at my class gave me a similar explanation, saying "Your cells are starving for sugar." It's worse on some days than others. My doctor said not to treat BS around 80 to let my body get used to that as a normal blood sugar. I've experienced a couple of lows (57 & 66), so I'm afraid to not treat an 80. For me, anything under 100 is dangerous because I tend to drop quickly at that point. My BS doesn't behave the same way every day even with the same food & exercise.
    I also stopped taking medication after becoming sick from it & my "doctor" wouldn't return any of my calls to change medication. I changed doctors & my second doctor wouldn't see me unless I paid him another $1,200.00 to repeat the labs I just had 15 DAYS AGO. I've been doing fine so far controlling my blood sugar with diet & exercise.
    I also have no medical insurance & am not insurable because of "preexisting condition" (diabetes).
    It sounds like your doctor treated your symptoms with medication without finding out what the cause was.

  2. xring responded:

    Hi again, Cheryllynn,
    I didn't realize your blood sugars were that high. I didn't feel much different at 491 in 12-08 than I feel now with normal blood sugar.
    I can suggest you check out a dietary/program that worked for me & got my BS under control in a few days without medication & also helped me lose 26 lbs. I haven't taken any medication since 1-8-09. (www.drfuhrman.com).
    I have researched several diabetes reversal programs & the main theme in most of them is a reduction in dietary fat, (mainly saturated fat from meat & dairy products), avoiding dried fruit or fruit juice (except for treating lows) & low glycemic foods (raw fruits & vegetables & beans) along with daily exercise.

  3. phototaker responded:

    I had shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat and it was heart related. I had to go on heart medicine. Mine was more irregular heartbeats and a racing heartbeat. They had me on a halter monitor to figure this out. It's good to check this out. Some people also have panic attacks which can cause the same symptoms you're having. All these things, including your high diabetes numbers should be checked out. This is serious. I also had asthma symptoms and was on medicine for this. There's a possibility if you can learn to eat differently, that you "might" not have to take diabetesmedicine down the road. You have to work really hard to bring those bs levels down and exercise, like walking. Many people need to have the medicine to do this, but most have to watch closely AND use the medicine, too.
    Also, what types of foods do you eat during the day? Are you keeping your carb levels down? Good luck and hope you feel better.

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