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4 Sweet Science-backed Reasons That Diabetics Can Eat Fruit Worry-free

Extremely low-carb diets aren’t as healthy for you because they skimp on fruit and claim that fruit contains natural sugars that just turn to sugar in the body. It’s true that all carbohydrates from food eventually end up as blood glucose—including the carbs in fruit. That said, fruit has a much lower impact on blood sugar levels than other truly harmful foods like candy bars and soda. That’s because, like vegetables, fruit is mostly water. What isn’t water is fiber, and that fiber slows the progression of fruit sugars into the bloodstream, causing a slow, steady rise in blood sugar rather than a huge spike. Here’s more: Fruit isn’t just not bad for your diabetes. It’s good for it, and for your waistline too. 1. Fruit fights inflammation. Peaches, plums, and nectarines contain special nutrients called phenolic compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. (These nutrient-rich foods also fight off inflammation.) These compounds travel through the bloodstream and then to your fat cells, where they affect different genes and proteins for the better, finds research done at Texas A&M University. 2. Fruit prevents diabetes. Flavonoids are nutrients found in plant food Continue reading >>

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  1. Kash2001

    Hi everyone,
    I am looking for a good muscle building supplement to go along with my training. I eat reasonably healthy but to build larger muscle and put on the weight I need more than I can consume in normal food.
    Most of the whey powders have so much sugar or carb content in them that hits the system to hard for my liking.
    Are their any type one diabetics that are weight/power lifter/rugby players that can offer some advice on useful supplements for muscle assisted growth, or re energizing fatigued muscles or even joint flexibility supplements.
    I already use glucosamine and auto immune supplements what else is useful to aid my training.

  2. sugarless sue

    Re: Protein Shake/Supplement for Muscle Building.

    Re: Protein Shake/Supplement for Muscle Building.
    PM onemanunit if he is still around.He is a body builder I think.

  3. shedges

    Re: Protein Shake/Supplement for Muscle Building.

    Re: Protein Shake/Supplement for Muscle Building.
    Hi ATB,
    I have been using a protein/creatine mix called Hurricane XS. It has slower digesting carbs and doesn't affect my blood sugar levels too badly. PM me and I'll give you the link to the site I buy it from - I realise I'm not supposed to use the forum for advertising as such.
    Any questions about it, give me a shout.

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