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My Month With A Diabetes Coach

I never thought I needed a life coach or health coach, but while writing last month's post on diabetes coaches, friend and fellow PWD Ginger Vieira kindly offered me a one-month trial to experience what it's really like working with one. Intrigued, I decided to take her up on her offer. For the past four weeks, I've been having calls with Ginger once a week and exchanging occasional text messages, to take a look at the challenges I have in managing my diabetes and to brainstorm some solutions for what I can do differently. We just completed our fourth (and for now, last) call and while I haven't lost more than a couple of pounds, I definitely have a renewed "I can do this!" attitude toward my diabetes. I shook up my diabetes management this past Spring when I switched from the pump to Lantus (yep, I'm still on a pump vacation), but I hadn't spent much time thinking about the other areas of my life that affect my diabetes. That's where Ginger came in. When Ginger and I hopped on the phone for our first session, she and I walked through various areas of my life that might need work: relationships, spirituality, exercise, nutrition, career and finance. Note that not all of these are n Continue reading >>

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  1. nmchica1

    Extremely sleepy after meals. What could it be?

    I have noticed that when I eat, I go from being alert, awake, able to think/function....to extremely tired (can barely keep my eyes open or function), foggy, can't focus or concentrate, and mildly depressed......it's so drastic, it's like a switch goes off. The only exceptions seem to be eggs and fruit (I do not eat meat). I will purposely avoid breakfast in the mornings b/c it just ruins the rest of the day. I only recently realized this may not be normal and am wondering what is wrong.
    I've found articles online about glucose intolerance which seems to fit, however, I am under the impression that you must be overweight or even obese to have this condition. I am very thin and both my parents are very thin. My grandmother has diabetes and was very thin when she was young as well, but is now overweight.
    Is obesity a necessity to be diagnosed with this condition and if so, what else could possibly be going on? It's very incapacitating....
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  2. phototaker

    Hello, NMchica1! I think you are wise to be concerned, since you have diabetes in your family.
    Yes, you can be thin and have diabetes. We have people on this blog who were thin when diagnosed. Some of your symptoms reminded me of myself when my blood sugars were higher, especially after eating a high carb meal.
    I suggest you go to see a doctor and have a fasting blood glucose taken. You can also ask for an A1C, too. They usually do this after two fasting blood glucose tests. Be sure to mention that your grandmother is diabetic and was thin when diagnosed.
    Call the doctor tomorrow and make an appt. If it's not diabetes, it might be something else, thyroid, etc.
    Good luck and let us know what the doctor says.

  3. krhudson

    hi mnchica, I agree with Photo. Go see the Dr. and tell him/her about the family history of Diabetes and that you get extreemly tired after meals. The first Lab will be a fasting blood sugar and you could request and see if they will give you the A1C which gives a 90 day average of your blood sugars.
    Obesity does not have to exist to be type 1 or 2 Diabetic.
    Very important to get an appointment. Not sure what you do for excersise but if you do lean Diabetic sometimes just excersise and getting off white fluffy carbs and go to baby red potatoes and veggies, nuts and Low sugar yogart will do the trick and of course salad is real good. Limit the fruit a little since some of that will spike blood sugars. Try to get some form of protein in the diet to offset and work with the carbs as you metabolize food and control your portions.
    Add a veggie sausage by morning star for breakfast and go light on oj.
    Let us know what happens.

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