Diabetes Fruits To Avoid List

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Top 10 Diabetic Foods To Avoid

If you can work on removing these ‘foods to avoid' out of your diabetic diet, you will find that great things will happen to your blood sugar, A1C, and overall health, too! 1. Soda Soda, also known as sugar sweetened beverages, has been a topic of debate for some time now. Researchers and health experts alike questioning: do they contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic problems? The answer is a clear YES. Sodas contain copious amounts of sugar and fructose. Studies show that fructose/sugar is one of the main drivers of type 2 diabetes and it's horrible complications. The World Health Organization now recommends that added sugar be limited to just 6 teaspoons per day, or 25 g. A typical soda such as Coca Cola contains 39 g of pure sugar/fructose in a 12 fl oz. / 354 ml can. So just one can of Coke is immediately pushing you way over the recommended sugar intake! Researchers have found that sodas are linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition that affects around 30% of US adults. NAFLD is thought to be directly linked to type 2 diabetes. When we get more fat storing up in the liver, this promotes insulin resistance, high cholesterol, more f Continue reading >>

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  1. m

    Breakfast ideas besides eggs

    Breakfast is difficult for me. I usually eat waffles, cereal, toast, etc , but now I need to add protein. I need some good ideas.

  2. lipyverma

    Try peanut butter with a toast, chickpea salad/quinoa salad.

  3. loliassa

    Try Greek yogurt- it has protein to balance out the sugar!

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