Diabetes Educator Salary In India

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Guidance For Becoming A Diabetes Educator/cde

How do I become a diabetes educator? One must be a healthcare professional who has a defined role as a diabetes educator, not for those who may perform some diabetes related functions as part of or in the course of other usual and customary duties. Practice as a diabetes educator means actively employed for compensation, providing a direct or indirect professional contribution to the care and self-management education of people with diabetes. Diabetes education, also referred to as diabetes self-management education or diabetes self-management training, is performed by health care professionals who have appropriate credentials and experience consistent with the particular profession's scope of practice. Diabetes self-management education is defined as the interactive, collaborative, ongoing process involving the person with diabetes or pre-diabetes and/or the caregivers and the educator(s). The process includes: Assessment of the individual's specific education needs Identification of the individual's specific diabetes self-management goals Education and behavioral intervention directed toward helping the individual achieve identified self-management goals Evaluation(s) of the indi Continue reading >>

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  1. cindylou

    Hi! I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One of the first signs that sent me to the doctors was my blurry vision.
    My question is: will my eye sight ever get better once I am on medication for a while? I had been on Metformin for about ten days when it got better for a day and now it is blurry again.
    At first it was just blurry the farther out I looked but now it is with everything close.
    I do have an appointment to go the eye doctor.... but would like some help now.....

  2. foxl

    cindylou that indicates your blood sugar is now coming DOWN!
    This blurriness, scary as it is, is just an effect of the sugar concentration in the lens of your eye. It should go away in a few days.
    Nothing to do with Diabetic Retinopathy that everyone fears as permanent.

  3. alura

    I only use reading glasses, but after 6 - 8 weeks, I had to buy a weaker strength lens....so like Linda said...it gets better!

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