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Spring Valley Diabetes Nutrition Daily Pack Reviews

Spring Valley Diabetes Nutrition Daily Pack Reviews Spring Valley Diabetes Nutrition Daily Pack Reviews According to several experts, the way people live today makes them more prone to acquiring problems such as hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes. With regards to diabetes, these professionals say that people who have this condition are very much prone to the development of other chronic illnesses. Spring Valley Diabetes Nutrition Daily Pack Reviews Because of this, they advise all people to be very watchful when it comes to their lifestyles and habits in order to prevent such condition from developing. There are several methods known to be effective when it comes to the prevention of diabetes and one of these is through taking supplements just like Spring Valley Diabetes Nutrition Daily Pack. Spring Valley Diabetes Nutrition Daily Pack Reviews Diabetes occurs when a person’s blood sugar rises into a level which is considered to be risky. This problem may either be caused by the wrong usage of insulin, the lack of insulin being produced, or the destruction of insulin by the body’s own structures. When diabetes is not immediately remedied, it may result to the onset of ail Continue reading >>

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  1. tiggerlily5278

    Does anyone know of an alternative medication to try instead of Metformin/Glucophage? I know they are the standard treatment for PCOS, but it didn't really work out for me.
    I started Metformin I think in July '05. I've been at 2000mg/day for around 2-3 months. My body never got used to that dosage and I continued to have diarrea and upset stomach every day. I just decreased my dosage (on my own) back down to 1500mg. I'll leave a message for my doc next week to let her know. However, I was not ovulating on 2000mg, so I know I won't at 1500mg. I'm not ready to add Clomid to the mix just yet.
    I'd like to get off of Metformin all together and try something different. Does anyone know of a different medication to try? I do not have blood sugar problems (only sometimes my blood sugar is too low). I am insulin resistant. Thanks.

  2. MsBeautiful

    Hey ~ I'm in the same boat, Met didn't do anything for me except make me feel like crap for a year and a half (yup that long). From what I've been reading Actos and Avandia are alternatives to met. They also make Met XR which some people do better on. They also make combo drugs such as Actomet or avandamet (sp?) You could ask your dr about these. I'm seeing a new Dr. next week, I will let you know what he says for me!

  3. tiggerlily5278

    I just left a message for my doc to let her know I decreased my dosage and also to see if she can put me on something different since it hasn't worked for me. I'm already taking the extended release version.

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