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Joining Hands To Make Mumbai Diabetes-free

Shared from the 2017-12-25 The Times Of India - Mumbai eEdition JOINING HANDS TO MAKE MUMBAI DIABETES-FREE There is something intrinsically Mumbai about loving our varied cuisine be it vada pavs from street vendors to high-end fine dining Mumbaikars have a particular love for food. Add to that the fast life of this throbbing metropolis and the constant hurried pace, and youve a got a good recipe for lifestyle disorders like diabetes and hypertension. This has resulted in alarming statistics. For instance, every third Mumbaikar is diabetic or prediabetic and numbers only seem to go higher with the way lifestyles are being managed. To bring attention to these facts, Fortune Vivo, an innovative blended health oil from Adani Wilmar and Mumbais popular dabbawalas came together to spread awareness regarding diabetes in the campaign Lets Make Mumbai Diabetes Free. After all, just like local trains, the dabbawalas are the lifeline for Mumbais daily tiffin delivery, operating over four lakh tiffin transfers every single day, from all major stations of the city. Aptly started on November 14, which is observed as World Diabetes Day, the dabbawalas inserted informative leaflets including focu Continue reading >>

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  1. Sallyannb

    Isn't the Title just lovely, doesn't sound like something you just can't wait to experience. Well folks last night I thought there was something wrong with the chair I was sitting in...bad spring or something. Now this is all new to me, I had heard of boils, but never had the pleasure...until Diabetes thought hey lets throw this at her, and see if she can keep a smile on her face. I would really like to know if anyone else has had to deal with these...and what you did to get rid of it. As you might have guessed it is not on my arm or leg...nope right on my butt, middle actually, right where the sun don't shine if you get the idea....any help, advice, or just to know there is or has been a fellow sufferer..sufferer..is that a word, looks funny.

  2. foxl

    LOTS of hot baths!!! I had one just post-diagnosis. Get your BG down and they stop.

  3. Kkirwan

    My non-diabetic friend gets them all the time. She uses hot compresses but with that location I agree with baths. I know she's had to have some lanced but you really don't want to get it infected. I ask her about it.

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