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Idea Diabetes Safety Campaign | Abcd (diabetes Care) Ltd

A drive to improve the care of people with diabetes admitted to Leicesters hospitals has been launched. Two initiatives have been set up to help doctors at the University Hospital of Leicester NHS Trust improve their understanding and knowledge about diabetes management and insulin safety in hospital. One of these (Inpatient Diabetes Education through Animation IDEA) involves a series of short cartoons based on real life scenarios, developed by trainee doctor, Sowmya Gururaj. The short clips are aimed at helping healthcare professionals treat patients who have diabetes and are admitted to hospital. Dr Gururaj carried out research looking at serious diabetes incidents and identifying recurring themes. The most common errors included wrong insulin prescriptions, delays in administration and incorrect doses. The videos focus on key areas identified where mistakes have been made, with the aim of learning from these experiences, improving care and patient experience. The animations can be found on YouTube ( ) and Vimeo ( ). Diabetes consultant Kath Higgins, head of the diabetes service at Leicester Hospitals, said: We knew there was a need to develop an innovative and memorable teachin Continue reading >>

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  1. lnyeager

    I just posted this on the 2nd trimester board, but I thought you ladies may be able to answer.
    I have to go next week to get my 3 hour glucose test done. My number for the 1 hour glucose test was 214, which is VERY high. I know some doctor's don't even give you the 3 hour test if your number is over 200 and just start treating you for gestational diabetes. I'm going in with the assumption that I won't pass the 3 hour test, but I'm still holding out some hope. Has anyone had a really high number for their 1 hour test and still passed the 3 hour test?

  2. Pdxmom73

    One of my numbers on my 3 hour was 210....I agree that you have GD. My 1 hour was only 161 and that is not passing. I would not hold out any hope.

  3. Monicagail1

    I'm surprised they're even having you take the three hour, frankly. Good luck!

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